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August 19th, 2015

Editor's Pick: Heavy Vehicle Inspection Checklist

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Vehicle inspections save lives according to research by the U.S Federal government. Every roadside inspection costs $3,281 in safety benefits (also taking into account lives saved, injuries and crashes avoided).

Steve Keppler, Executive Director of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance believes that safety and vehicle inspections need to permeate every aspect of an organisation. With this being particularly true for top leaders and employees at every level.

“Safety is a habit, not a fad,” says Steve.

“It needs to be practiced every day and needs to be a core part of everyone’s business.”

“It is not surprising that the most financially successful fleets also tend to be the safest.”

Steve attributes this to the safety programs they have put in place to proactively address safety before it is too late. Issues are identified and addressed before a vehicle and driver are dispatched.

“The message is this: if you catch a vehicle defect during the company’s systematic maintenance program it will cost you $1, if you catch it during the pre-trip and on the ready line it will cost you $10, and if you wait to deal with it during a roadside inspection it will cost you $100.”

“Safety is not a cost, it is an investment.”

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With safety at the forefront of a company’s mind, it can result in fewer problems on the road, fewer crashes, less variability in costs, improved vehicle uptime and on time delivery and better employee retention and morale.

Vehicle Violations

In 2014, there were 3,419,309 roadside driver/vehicle inspections conducted in the United States.

The top vehicle violations in 2014 were:

  • Operating vehicle not having the required operable lamps  – 14%
  • Brake out of adjustment – 5%
  • Tread depth less than 2/32 inch 4.77%

SafetyCulture has developed a Heavy Vehicle Inspection Checklist to keep your vehicles safe.

Find out more and download!

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