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September 1st, 2015

Smart Phone, Smarter Supermarkets

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Safety management app iAuditor could be the answer to high injury rates in Australian supermarkets.

The ASX:100 Safety Spotlight report says that Australia’s big three supermarket chains are recording some of the worst injury rates among Australia’s top 100 listed companies.

iAuditor makes the checklist intelligent and is currently used by retailers such as Coles and Kmart.

Coles currently uses the app across their 760 stores to conduct their store audits.

Workplace accidents currently cost four per cent of the GDP globally or $2.6 trillion.

SafetyCulture founder and CEO, Luke Anear started the global tech company in his garage to improve safety for front-line workers across all industries.

“Safety is a huge global issue and there is a growing spend to mitigate accidents that SafetyCulture sits in the middle of.”

“The problem has partly been due to a lack of technology and partly due to a lack of awareness.”

“iAuditor helps solve both issues, and supermarkets are able to move from a few people inspecting a store every 90 days to every store manager being able to conduct their own daily and weekly inspections.”

“There are plenty of accidents waiting to happen in the retail and hospitality industry and every worker needs visibility of these risks,” said Anear.

The International Labor Organisation reports that every 15 seconds one worker around the world dies from a workplace accident and 160 are injured.

“Now is the time to act and with the smart phone being increasingly used in everyday life, there is no reason we can’t use it for a smarter approach to safety and quality,” said Anear.

Prior to starting SafetyCulture, Luke worked as a workers compensation investigator and witnessed the cost of workplace accidents.

“Checklists have been universally accepted as a tool for maintaining safety and quality since the aviation industry introduced them in the 1930’s.”

“iAuditor makes the checklist intelligent so information can be aggregated and trends identified for not only what can be improved, but for what is working well,” said Anear.

See Coles in action using iAuditor


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