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January 12th, 2016

How Our Customers Are Using The Zapier Integration

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Zapier allows you automate tasks in your workflow, saving you time and improving productivity. Think of it as the hand shake between another system. Have you ever wanted to be alerted about a non-compliant audit instantly or have your completed audits populate into a spreadsheet? If your team uses Google Calendar, why not create calendar alerts when your next audit is due.

Now you can, thanks to our integration with Zapier using our newly released API. You don’t have to be an IT expert to make it happen either. It’s quite simple, but we will guide you through it. We’ve already set up some zaps that you can get started with straight away.

Examples of ways you can use the integration:

  • Create a Google Calendar event from a new SafetyCulture audit
  • Create Google Calendar event from new SafetyCulture audit using a selected template
  • Get email notifications for new SafetyCulture audits
  • Get email notifications for new SafetyCulture audits for a selected template
  • Create a new Evernote note from SafetyCulture audits
  • Send SMS alerts for new SafetyCulture audits
  • Send SMS alerts for new SafetyCulture audits (for a chosen template)

These are just a small number of things you can do with Zapier. There are over 500 apps Zapier integrates with.

How our users are using the Zapier integration


Ceasars Hotel uses Zapier to send SMS alerts

Caesars-Exterior1 (1)

Ceasars Hotel is a hotel situated in Atlantic City. Across their two properties they have 78 bathrooms. Bathroom cleanliness was the most common customer complaint, which is why they implemented iAuditor to conduct their bathroom inspections.

By using the SafetyCulture/Zapier integration, Ceasars’ is conducting inspections with a simple 8-question audit. If the audit scores less than 80%, a group SMS is sent to the supervisor on-duty to notify them of the situation. The audit identifies which property the bathroom is located at, so they can stay on top of their inspections.


Bueno Systems uses Zapier to send meter readings to Slack

iauditor audit for meter reading

Bueno Systems provides data and information driven property services. They detect faults and simplify their client’s building information systems. When starting a project on a commercial building site, they needed a way to document details about the meters.

The details that needed to be recorded was location, current unit reading, offset ratio as a guide and in addition they were required to regularly correspond key aspects of the information to an operations team.

The task would have been previously undertaken via a notepad and pen and entered manually into a spreadsheet. To reduce the time spent double handling, they used the Zapier integration to automate this process. Instead of having to input the iAuditor data into a spread sheet, they simply get a Slack notification which they can deal with on the spot or once they have enough time.

A dedicated Slack channel is used for the results of the meter readings, which gives visibility to the technicians in the field and requires the engineers to only carry around their mobile phone.

Creating a uniform template meter audit meant time inputting meter information went from minutes to seconds.

See below the dedicated Slack channel for meter readings:


See the audit process here for meter readings:




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