Weekly roundup of the best industry news collated by SafetyCulture
Weekly roundup of the best industry news collated by SafetyCulture
Weekly roundup of the best industry news collated by SafetyCulture
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September 9th, 2016

14 Articles You Need To Read In Your Industry

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We’ve put together a compilation of this week’s best industry news so you don’t have to find them yourself. Check back each Friday for the best articles and updates in your industry.

Construction News

Time lapse of the new Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta, GA. Read more.

Safety at 1,776 feet above the Manhattan skyline. Read more.

The ultimate construction app toolkit to go paperless. Read more.

New information was released that could reduce workplace incidents. Read more.

Hospitality & Leisure News

What hoteliers need to know about Drone technology. Read more.

How hotels of tomorrow are improving guest experience through technology. Read more.

Are robots destined to take over restaurant kitchens? Read more.

Transport & Logistics News

Hyperloop technology could revolutionise the transport industry.“The world is changing at a pace never seen before in our history and we intend to be part of a new revolution in transport, connecting markets and economies around the world.” Read more.

The KPMG research paper looks at the digital traveller and how data technologies could reimagine UK transport. Read more.

The world’s first self-driving taxi is on the road in Singapore. Read more.

Retail News

Is the food you’re buying in your local store real, or could it be a fraud? Read more.

Deloitte released a report that takes a closer look at how bricks-and-mortar retailers can take advantage of technology developments. Read more.

Achieve a paperless retail business by reading these tips. Read more.

12 examples of digital technology in retail stores. Read more.

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