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Five of the Best: Award-Winning Apps to Make Work (and Life) Simpler

Industry Trends | By | 17 Aug 2018 | 2 minute read

Apps help your business run more smoothly, can streamline payment systems, lend a hand organizing your calendar and keep you up to date with your health and safety obligations. Far from being the novelty they were a few years ago, apps should be critical to how we get things done today.

Here are five award-winning apps so you can make the most of your work day, every day.

1. iAuditor

SafetyCulture’s flagship app just won Best Mobile App 2018 in Canadian Occupational Safety Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Awards. The app uses checklists to improve worker engagement, organisational quality and workplace safety. That means businesses can keep on top of the risks in the workplace and act quickly to solve problems. It enables teams to run fast, regular inspections, report actions for additional monitoring or improvement, as well as driving data analytics that enable management to identify trends across various metrics to help business improvement. It’s easy to use and habit forming and eliminates the endless pile of paperwork that health and safety compliance usually generates. So no wonder it’s a crowd favourite.

award-winning apps

2. Agenda

This app was one of the winners of the Apple Design Award 2018. It combines calendar and notes functions to make managing projects and keeping track of timelines a breeze. Agenda lets you easily manage and track your projects big and small. You can print what you need when you need, as well as share your timelines with other users who you might be collaborating with. Agenda is a planner and a diary and a notebook all in one.

award-winning apps

3. YouMail

YouMail is voicemail and call management for the 21st century.Think of it as a sort-of receptionist in your pocket. It can screen your calls, greet incoming calls and store your messages in an orderly, easy-to-access way. The app won the Stevie Award for productivity in the app & mobile websites category in 2017. It’s used by individuals and businesses, and is a great way to add polish to your client facing services without spending too much.

4. Evolved Intelligence Signalling Firewall

Evolved Intelligence makes security solutions easier for businesses that are dealing with sensitive financial data. Their firewall won a Glomo at the Global Mobile Awards 2018. The firewall helps ensure that businesses can protect the financial information of their subscribers and clients and can help to guard against scammers and security threats that are a real day-to-day risk in the online business world.

5. Expensify

Expensify is the app that makes tracking your expenses a breeze. Businesses can use it to keep track of business and employee expenses big and small, so that accounting for every dollar easy. The app won App Partner of the Year at Xero Awards Americas 2018 and a study by Forrester found small businesses using Expensify get a 598 per cent return on investment in time gained back through improved workflow.

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