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Top 10 best work gear you need on SafetyCulture Marketplace

Industry Trends | By | 5 Dec 2023 | 4 minute read


As the year draws to a close, SafetyCulture Marketplace has made it easier to buy all the essential work gear to run a better, safer workplace. We’ve spoken with our customers across construction, hospitality, manufacturing, and other industries to find out about which products they can’t do without.

What is SafetyCulture Marketplace?

Marketplace is a new platform that makes getting your hands on essential equipment so much easier. You’ll find a huge selection of workplace gear, from protective equipment to tech gadgets and everything in between.

As Matt Carlson, Director of Customer & Sales at SafetyCulture Marketplace, puts it: “Marketplace is about reducing the friction of procurement, particularly for specialized, essential protection and safety gear that needs to be managed carefully. Customers can have all their equipment needs fulfilled in one place.”

Think of Marketplace as your convenient hub where you can quickly search for, buy, and manage your company’s resources. By making the procurement process faster and centralizing everything into a single platform, we’re helping everyday businesses solve the challenges of fragmented purchasing. The result? You get all the essential tools to maintain compliance, boost your workplace safety protocols, and improve operational efficiency.

Here 10 of the best and most popular products on Marketplace right now:

1. HYDRATION: Sugar-free hydration sticks

If you work outdoors in the blistering heat, one of the easiest ways to combat dehydration is with Sqwincher Sugar-Free Qwik Stiks. With zero sugar, these single-serve sticks deliver electrolytes fast, so you can stay safe and hydrated at work. Just mix it with 600ml of water, and away you go.

2. RESPIRATORY: Powered air respirator system

This 3M Versaflo TR300+ PAPR Kit is the perfect protection for people who work in spray painting, construction, manufacturing, and chemical handling. Designed for immediate respiratory, eye, face, and head protection, it features a 307°C (585°F) helmet and flame-resistant face seal. Lightweight, it’s built to withstand hazardous particle environments as well as some nuisance-level gases. Workers will get optimal airflow, less noise, and minimal fogging for greater comfort and security.

3. RESPIRATORY: Spraying respirator kit

Workers looking for dependable respiratory defence will find it in the 3M Spraying Respirator Kit 6551QL, which boasts A1P2 protection in a convenient package. Great for spray painting and chemical handling folk, the kit includes Half Face Respirator 6500QL Series, 6051 A1 Cartridge Filter, and 5925 P2 Filters for Dust, and more. Compliant with AS/NZS 1716:2012, it’s ideal for a wide range of applications (excluding isocyanate-based paint spraying).

4. RESPIRATORY: Particulate respirator

If you’re after comfort and protection on the job, the 3M Aura Particulate Respirator 9320A+ sets a new standard. Its three-panel design and ultra-soft inner cover adapt seamlessly to facial movements while maintaining a great fit. Some PPE masks can make it a little difficult to breathe, but you won’t have that issue here. They’re convenient to use all year round – even in humid conditions – with an embossed top panel that minimizes eyewear fogging.

5. FALL PROTECTION: Height safety device

Fall protection equipment is another popular category for Marketplace users. The IKAR Height Safety Device HAS 9m is a reliable fall-protection tool thanks to its automatic lowering facility. Should a worker ever fall or become incapacitated at the bottom of a shaft, for example, a co-worker will be able to raise or lower the person to safety. Comfortable, incredibly secure, and designed to be worn all day, this 9-meter steel rope device is compliant with EN360 and EN341 standards.

6. FALL PROTECTION: Fall arrest harness

If you’re in the business of rigging, roofing, ladder climbing, order picking, and EWP access, take a look at the 3M PROTECTA X Riggers Harness. It puts comfort and convenience on par with safety with quick-connect buckles, a rear fall arrest D-ring, and an adjustable chest strap. Workers will also notice it has softer and more durable padding compared to other devices on the market.

7. FALL PROTECTION: Multi-directional roof anchor

Another one for the roofers, the Safetylink TileLink Anchor is getting plenty of attention right now. It’s a single-component system that makes installation much quicker than usual. It securely attaches to timber rafters without cutting sarking, preventing future leaks and keeping frontline workers secure while working at heights. Its discreet design and 15kN rating comply with AS/NZS 1891.4 standards.

8. HEARING PROTECTION: Hi-vis headband earmuffs

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that are best. For everyday hearing protection on essentially any worksite, the 3M PELTOR Optime III Earmuff is a hugely popular choice. Designed for use in extreme noise environments – think: airports, engine rooms, and power stations – it’s been engineered to reduce noise levels of up to 33dB, with its double casing technology minimizing resonance. There’s plenty of space inside the cups, with wide cushions and replaceable hygiene kits. It also limits heat, pressure, and moisture build-up, which is ideal if you need to wear them for hours at a time.

9. SENSORS: Temperature and humidity monitoring

Our customers in hospitality, pharmaceuticals, and emergency services are getting true value from our SafetyCulture Sensors. If you think your business might benefit, but you’re not sure what’s what (we have a wide range!), our Temperature & Humidity Monitoring Starter Pack 2 could be a good place to start. It’s a commercial-grade, real-time environmental tracker that’s ideal for use in commercial fridges and freezers. It has a broad transmission range, IP65 rating, and replaceable battery with data-logging capability. This starter pack also comes with an annual SafetyCulture platform subscription, so you can plug in and get it working straight away.

Did you know? Our customers in hospitality, food safety, and even emergency services are using SafetyCulture Sensors. Read the success stories from Marley Spoon, Brooklyn Donuts, Three Rivers Ambulance Authority – and more.

10. BAGS: Hard toolbag

While looks aren’t everything, this Beehive Double Base Toolbag looks great and is incredibly sturdy. Featuring a robust HDPE base sewn to the bag’s bottom, it’s a toolbag that will give your work gear exceptional protection for years and years. There are 12 individual tool pockets, it’s been welded and stitched with chemical and UV-resistant thread, the material is flame-retardant, and because it was designed to withstand the harsh Australian sun, you just know its UV reflective capability is top quality.

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