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Using digital checklists to stay on top of rapidly changing COVID-19 guidelines

Industry Trends | By | 23 Sep 2020 | 3 minute read

Here at SafetyCulture, we’ve seen the number of inspections and safety checks done by companies steadily rise. Before the pandemic, around 600 million checks each year were conducted with iAuditor globally. 

With the arrival of COVID-19, this has now increased to an incredible 75,000 checks per day as guidance continually evolves. The sheer amount of safety inspections and hygiene checks businesses now have to complete can make it hard to adapt to ‘business as usual’ when managing risk is now such a central focus.

Here are our tips on how to stay cool, calm, and compliant in the midst of changing guidance.

Increased inspections and frequency of checks

The pandemic has changed the way that many businesses operate. In the past, large audits were completed by a regional manager, and these were often infrequent. It was often part of a scheduled health and safety inspection, and not all team members were responsible for keeping on top of guidance.

Today, hourly hygiene checks are mandatory in most businesses and conducted by many employees with different roles. As time goes on, the potential that complacency could strike is a very real risk for those managing multiple guidelines.

  • For example, there is often sanitization of tables in restaurants after every customer leaves, meaning that in a fast-food dining restaurant, staying up to speed with the amount of checks can be a constant challenge.
  • In the beauty industry, visors and gloves must be worn as a requirement of providing a public service. Maintaining all of these items and keeping them sanitized, especially after each client, could be a checklist item that isn’t always completed to a high standard on busier days.
  • Warehouses face similar issues. When there is a high volume of people entering and exiting the building, sanitization dispensers can deplete quickly, meaning there is more risk should someone decide to take the chance and not sanitize.

Of course, the guidelines and checks also depend on the COVID-19 infection rate in your business area. Checks pertaining to closures and reopens may take precedent if numbers are rising, and a vigilant approach is necessary as the pandemic unfolds.

In the UK, Health and Safety Officers are doing on-the-spot inspections to check COVID-19 compliance. 

If your business is working hard to manage all of the new guidance, here’s how to make it easier:

Staying on top of new guidance

As the virus unfolds and new data comes to light, it’s increasingly likely that more guidance will be issued.

How can we stay on top of new guidance and stay compliant?

  • Upload your word document or pdf into an app: In iAuditor, you can easily upload your checklist into the digital app, making it more hygienic.
  • Use our free COVID-19 checklists: These are completely based on local government guidance and health organisations information, meaning a very fast and compliant rollout once installed.
  • Make everyone accountable for compliance: By assigning responsibility to every member of the team, it will help to make COVID-19 top of mind alongside work.
  • Digital checklists offer peace of mind: They also allow for faster implementation, especially if those around the building all have access to the mobile app and can report any COVID-19 safety breaches.
  • Get news alerts delivered via SMS or email: Many local governments are also posting updates and announcements on social media like Twitter to alert people and businesses. Stay informed with a tv screen keeping you up to date with any changes.
  • Implement a daily COVID-19 briefing: If outbreaks occur in your area, it will protect your brand to show both staff and customers you’re on top of things. By staying one step ahead of the pandemic, you can brief employees to take extra caution.

Saving you time and capital

Apps like iAuditor can save businesses a huge amount of time, especially if inspections have become unmanageable under the influence of COVID-19. 

One great thing with iAuditor is that the owner or manager can automatically load the template into all of their employees’ iAuditor accounts so that any new guidelines get automatically distributed across teams, at the touch of a button.

Managing risk is now so important, and smart solutions are needed to manage it effectively . Introducing new digital tools can save businesses time and capital, especially in high footfall businesses such as restaurants, bars, and hotels.

Want to have all of your guidelines in one place? Check out our FREE official safety templates in our COVID-19 response hub

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