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Most Americans willing to disclose vaccine status to businesses

Media Release | By | 22 Jun 2021 | 3 minute read

New research reveals what a “post-pandemic” America really means for consumer behavior and business recovery

As the U.S. reopens, the majority of Americans (63%) say they are comfortable sharing their vaccine status with businesses, according to new research from SafetyCulture. Plus, 43% of Americans said they would have increased trust in organizations which require or request all entrants to share their inoculation status. 

SafetyCulture’s nationwide research of 1,000 U.S. consumers was developed in partnership with YouGov. The survey is a follow-up to its June 2020 research which assessed consumer comfort levels interacting with businesses across a variety of industries. 

Key research findings:

Vaccinated consumers: expectations and concerns 

  • The majority (64%) of Americans feel that fully vaccinated people should still wear masks when inside at public places.
  • Once vaccinated, Americans are most likely to remain uncomfortable (38%) going to a public event (e.g., sporting arenas, theatres, etc.), closely followed by going to the gym (35%). These activities are more likely to make Americans uncomfortable than visiting a bar/restaurant (25%), shopping in a store (18%) or staying at a hotel (24%).
  • Even after being vaccinated, two in ten (20%) American workers indicated they would be uncomfortable returning to the workplace.
  • More than one in 10 (14%) said they do not plan on getting fully vaccinated and already feel comfortable engaging in all of the aforementioned activities, with an additional 4% saying they don’t plan on getting fully vaccinated and are uncomfortable doing at least one of these activities. 

Consumer confidence rising across multiple industries 

SafetyCulture’s research reveals that Americans are feeling much more comfortable undertaking many activities over the coming months compared to the same time period in 2020. 

Retail findings
Fewer than three in 10 (29%) Americans would feel “very comfortable” shopping in a physical retail store over the next three months, while over a third (34%) express some degree of discomfort.Half (50%) of Americans would feel “very comfortable” shopping in a physical retail store over the next three months, with discomfort dropping to 14%.
Hospitality findings (bars and restaurants) 
More than half of Americans (52%) would feel a level of discomfort dining in a restaurant/bar over the next three months.Only 23% of Americans would feel a level of discomfort dining in a restaurant/bar over the next three months.
Hotel findings
More than half of Americans (54%) would feel a level of discomfort staying at a hotel over the next three months.28% of Americans would feel a level of discomfort staying at a hotel over the next three months.

Consumers react to the relaxation of COVID restrictions within business

  • More than one in three (36%) said they will have some level of discomfort visiting businesses that have relaxed COVID-19 safety precautions in the coming months.* 
  • The majority say the following actions would increase confidence in a business:
    • Glove, mask, and hand sanitizer supplies are readily available for free and use is enforced in all areas of an establishment (84%);
    • For high traffic areas, a list of cleaning and disinfecting activities completed hourly, throughout the day with completion status is publicly available (85%); and
    • Social distancing protocols are in place, monitored and enforced, even if it means reduced capacity (82%). 

“After an incredibly tough 2020, it’s encouraging to see consumer confidence increase across various industries,” commented Bob Butler, General Manager, North America with SafetyCulture. “As America reopens, it’s important to remember that vaccines are one part of an effective safety strategy. Clear and manageable safety processes are critical to a successful reopening that lasts. Most businesses have gotten over the hurdle of implementing new procedures. Now it’s time to focus on removing any remaining red tape and friction so safety maintenance becomes second nature.”

This research is released as part of SafetyCulture’s ongoing Safely Back to Business Initiative. The company digitized guidance from governments and leading industry bodies into simple, customizable checklists. SafetyCulture recently surpassed 100 million completed inspections in its flagship product, iAuditor. More than 100,000 checklist templates are currently available online, free of charge, to support businesses in their efforts to keep customers and staff safe. 

For full survey results, please click here.

  • All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc. Total sample size was 1,198 adults in 2020 and 1,000 adults in 2021. Fieldwork was undertaken between 24th – 25th June, 2020 and  7th-8th June 2021. The surveys were carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all U.S. adults (aged 18+).
  • *Selecting 2-5 on a 5-point scale where “1” meant “Does not increase trust and confidence at all” and “5” represents “Increases trust and confidence a lot”

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