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M-Sport MVPs – the driving forces behind the scenes

Moments That Matter | By | 16 Feb 2024 | 3 minute read

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Behind every successful rally team lies a network of dedicated crew members whose work can often fly under the radar. From conducting vehicle checks to overseeing logistics and ensuring safety, these unsung heroes play a crucial role in the team’s triumphs. We highlight the behind-the-scenes MVPs of M-Sport, whose passion and expertise drive the team’s pursuit of excellence – both on and off the rally circuit.

David, Rally Technician

Better known at M-Sport as ‘Davey’, is a Rally Technician by day. But what makes his role different is that he’s also responsible for conducting the shakedowns of all M-Sport vehicles before an event.

Davey’s 26 years at M-Sport gives him unrivaled expertise in the most important element of quality control. He’s also driven every M-Sport WRC car since 1997!

“Conducting the shakedowns is, without a doubt, the best part of my job,” Davey says. “It’s a huge responsibility, but it’s nice to know I’ve played my part in making sure that the cars leaving here are the best they can be. The development of the new track has only made it more fun too! One thing’s for sure – everyone wants my job!”

What’s a shakedown?
In racing lingo, a ‘shakedown’ is a quick test drive before a big race or event. Drivers and teams use it to make sure everything’s running smoothly with the car, so they can fix any little problems before hitting the track for real. It’s like giving the car a final once-over to ensure it’s all set to go to perform its best.

Karen, Kit Coordinator

As M-Sport’s Kit Coordinator, Karen is the team’s go-to for all things gear.

From managing driver kits to maintaining crew Camelbaks and making sure the team is fitted in the freshest M-Sport threads, Karen is an invaluable part of the team working behind the scenes.

But the buck doesn’t stop there. Aside from nailing her gear duties, you might also find Karen in the workshop repairing seats or collaborating with M-Sport’s Rally1 mechanics to develop innovative new ways to improve their work. What doesn’t she do?

“My role is brilliant because every day is different,” Karen says. “I’m always helping everyone out – people come to me for anything, and we all work as a team to find solutions.”

Craig, Truck Driver

Craig (or ‘Sarge’ as he’s affectionately called) is the man behind the wheel… of a truck, that is. Craig moves all of M-Sport’s cars and equipment from their base in Cumbria to all over Europe.

What does Craig love the most about his job? The travel and teamwork. “Us truck drivers get to see more of a country than anyone else!” Craig says. “Team spirit is what drives us. We spend a lot of time together. We’re just a big family, really.”

Craig also has a magic trick up his sleeve. He has the ability to turn an empty carpark into a full-service hub with tents, awnings, and lighting. He’s always seeking out ways to optimize setups for the team and rally drivers.

Did you know? M-Sport doesn’t just use any old truck. These are special transporters designed specifically for safely and efficiently moving race cars between races, test sessions, and other events. These transporters are equipped with climate control, hydraulic lifts, and custom compartments to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of the valuable race cars.

Lucy, Electrical Harness Technician

From wiring harnesses to rebuilding starter motors and overseeing quality control, she gets involved in it all.

In the lead-up to each rally, you’ll catch Lucy rigorously testing car components using the SafetyCulture platform.

Using the data, she fine-tunes the cars, making sure they can perform under rally stress.

“I always watch the rally, even if I don’t travel to the events,” Lucy says. “It’s a team thing at the end of the day. We’re all working together to get the best results we can.”

Michael, Hybrid Engineer

Michael ensures everything works safely with M-Sport’s hybrid systems before they hit the circuits.

He’s obsessed with finding new ways to improve how they mitigate risks on the road.

One way he’s helping the team improve pre-rally is by streamlining M-Sport’s pre-rally safety checks with the SafetyCulture platform.

As a result, there’s no more paper, better visibility, and anyone on the team can get involved.

His favorite rally moment? Winning in Monte-Carlo in 2022. The atmosphere was unmatched after a few years of limited success and a very intense rally.

Keen to learn about the other cool things we’re doing with M-Sport? Read on.

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