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February 26th, 2017

The Future Of Reporting Is Here With Web Reports

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Share a link to your inspection report to view on a web browser.

Inspections are great, but it’s what you learn from them that matters. Introducing Web Reports. Your SafetyCulture iAuditor reports now display beautifully in any web browser, allowing them to be viewed by whoever you share the link with.

A critical part of any robust inspection program is reporting inspection results. At SafetyCulture, we knew PDF reports needed some innovation. With Web Reports, you can now create a link to any of your inspection reports in SafetyCulture or iAuditor for viewing online.

After completing an inspection, you can share a link to the web report – a rich online accessible report.

safetyculture iauditor web reportsSee the new SafetyCulture web reports. Share them via SMS or email.

Web Reports show embedded galleries for viewing images that are fully responsive for viewing on both desktop and mobile devices.

Dive deep into inspection reports

When viewing an inspection report in web browser format you’ll be able to easily access the information you need. Web Reports give you the flexibility to navigate through reports easily with just a few clicks.

Handy tip: Use the CTRL+F function to search the page for keywords.

Key benefits of Web Reports

  • Save storage space so you can share reports faster. Don’t wait for large PDF reports to attach to emails.
  • Interactive media gallery for viewing and downloading report images.
  • They are responsive and can be viewed on desktop and mobile easily.
  • Can be shared multiple ways via email, SMS, social media, Whatsapp and more.
  • With intuitive navigation you can immediately jump to a section of interest within the report.
  • Integrated with Google Maps for location items.
  • You can turn link sharing on and off to seal sensitive data at anytime.

How to create and share web report links

Link sharing on mobile devices

Tap on an audit of interest on the Audits tab. Within one tap, you can export your web report.

Link sharing on SafetyCulture, the web platform

  1. Log into the SafetyCulture web platform
  2. Navigate to the list of audits and click the template name or “view report’

Start using Web Reports

Web Reports give you the flexibility to send and receive inspection reports through a clickable and easy to navigate web format. Sharing links with your team members and saving storage on your device is easier. With Web Reports you can navigate directly to a specific section with just a click, enlarge and zoom in on photos and much more.

This new export format is available on any SafetyCulture plan. We encourage you to explore the new Web Reports feature. As always, should you have any comments or feedback, please do let us know.

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