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January 31st, 2018

iAuditor’s Scheduling Feature Makes Life Easy

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Conducting inspections is often one of the first things rushed through or forgotten when things get busy. What if you had a quick and easy way to ensure that the right people were being updated about when inspections need to take place? Even better, what if you had real-time insight into what inspections are missed. With our latest update, you can have the confidence that inspections will be completed on time, and your team will be accountable.

Schedule your inspections in the iAuditor web platform. Schedule your inspections in iAuditor. No more messy spreadsheets or follow-up.

In the past managers have relied on a pen and paper rostering system with pen and paper checklists to conduct inspections. While this has worked – it’s expensive, important documentation can be damaged or lost and important inspections can easily be skipped or forgotten.

iAuditor’s new scheduling feature allows managers to digitally assign regular inspections to users within an organisation. Performance reports can easily be retrieved from the dashboard so those top performers can be recognised and areas that need improvement can be identified.

No matter the industry

iAuditor has such a wide range of customers, from facilities to mine operators and everything in between, and each use the platform in a different way. Some use iAuditor for safety checks and others for quality control, essentially if you have a use for iAuditor then you have a use for scheduling, e.g:

  • Hospitality managers can schedule regular food checks to ensure health concerns don’t arise
  • Pre-job checks can be scheduled before an employee steps foot on a construction/mine site
  • Regular vehicle inspections can be lined up across a range of industries

Adding the scheduling functionality will improve the experience for both onsite workers and off-site management ensuring inspections are being both, completed, and on time.

No matter the size

Scheduling is going to make a difference to teams of every size. No matter if you’re a team of 10 or 10,000 ensuring inspections are performed regularly is an essential part of daily, weekly and monthly life for many teams.

The scheduling feature shows users how often assigned inspections are taking place for easy comparison between locations, tasks or other variables. Advanced reports with the number of inspections completed, highlighting missed inspections, can be used for easy tracking and improvement implementation.

Use the data

Having a clear, reportable understanding of which employees, sites, and locations are performing to the highest standards allows those standards to be emulated across other areas of the business.

Schedule your inspections with ease using iAuditor's web platform. Schedule your inspections with ease using iAuditor’s web platform.

Reporting to executives becomes an easy job. No longer will you spend hours trawling through paperwork or digging through excel to find insights. The new scheduling feature on iAuditor will make supporting your team, decisions and the business easy by being able to stand in front of executives with relevant and impactful data.

Create your first schedule now!

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