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February 26th, 2018

Keep Your Customers Safe With SmartTemp

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Food safety is the number one issue if you’re a food and beverage worker. And for good reason. We all want to visit a food store and know what we’re eating won’t make us sick, or worse – critically ill. To ensure this doesn’t happen, there are strict laws and standards across the United Kingdom, United States and the Asia-Pacific to regulate what temperature food is kept at.

Running a restaurant or cafe is risky business, which is why performing regular checks is essential to maintain high standards. With iAuditor, you can manually enter temperature data during the inspection. Digitising your food safety inspections is a no-brainer, but we’ve taken that one step further with our latest release.

Recently, SafetyCulture launched SmartTemp, an integration between iAuditor and both Cooper Atkins Blue2 and RayTemp Blue bluetooth thermometers. These smart devices automatically record exact temperatures into an audit.

The benefits of using SmartTemp are:

Auditing time

The amount of time staff spend conducting audits is significantly reduced by automating the procedure. Any with access to iAuditor and a SmartTemp field is able to record precise readings at the click of a button.


Reduce human error by using the SmartTemp integration paired with scheduling so your staff know exactly when to check on food for optimal results.


The integration can be used across any temperature sensitive area: fridges, hot food, water, and more. SmartTemp is appropriate for grocery and convenience stores, fast food chains, cafes, restaurants and even offices that serve food to staff. Anywhere that food and drinks are being stored and served.


If temperatures are not correct the right people will be notified and corrections can be made immediately. This has the potential to save stock or keep a businesses customers safe.

Digital Records

iAuditor automatically keeps a digital record of all your temperature recordings. You’ll be able to view and analyse temperature trends in the analytics.

Trial a Bluetooth Thermometer

Contact to get set up with a Cooper Atkins trial and see for yourself how easy it is to capture temperature readings. Visit this link to learn more.

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