By Tania Clarke   |  
August 1st, 2016

New Feature: Failed Responses Gives You Insight Into Trends In Your Data

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We’ve just released an exciting new feature called ‘Failed Responses.’ This is now visible in the edit mode of your audit template. This feature is a part of our advanced analytics that will be available later this year if you have a paid SafetyCulture account.

Failed responses will give you visibility that you’ve never had before into areas of your business that need improving, areas that are not compliant or not performing as they should. Post-audit you will be able to identify failed items that did not meet standards, without having to manually extract and analyse the data or sift through entire audit reports.

A failed response should be added to any question that could pose a high risk or is critical to your business, so that you can do exception based reports and identify habitual patterns in your data. This will give you insight into any trends to help you grow and improve.

How to add a Failed Response

  1. Open the Template Editor
  2. Add a Question Field or edit an existing Question field
  3. Set a response as failed
  4. Select which response is failed using default responses or your own custom responses

Watch the tutorial below.

Why identifying Failed Responses is valuable

If you’re a hotel manager doing daily walk-throughs of your property, you would want to ensure the bathrooms are kept to a high standard. By adding a failed response, if you spot something amiss when inspecting the hotel bathrooms, you can have a list of what needs to be rectified. By identifying trends in your failed responses, you can start taking proactive steps to address issues, instead of reactively responding to items of non-compliance.

Back in the office, using the desktop analytics by logging into your SafetyCulture account online, you will be able to see how many times a particular question response has failed. See the below Failed Items list for an example.

Failed Responses gives you insight into your operations that need immediate attention and helps you simplify any compliance standards you need to meet, by allowing you to drill down on exactly what went wrong, and fix it immediately.


By gathering this information in real-time, you’re gathering intelligent insight into how many times a question is failing, which auditor is marking it as failed and the number of audits where that question has been marked as a fail. To identify failed items in the release of the new analytics, start adding Failed Responses into your checklists as you build them.

We’re working hard to provide more insights into your data, so you can identify trends, non-compliance, and risk.

To get an exclusive sneak peek, you can now view our advanced analytics in ‘beta mode’, which means we’re giving you a first look into what you can expect in our future roll-out.

Stay tuned for more SafetyCulture updates.

Create a SafetyCulture account to have a look at our beta analytics.

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