streamlined your admin responses on your templates
streamlined your admin responses on your templates
streamlined your admin responses on your templates
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December 13th, 2016

Streamline Your Template Building With Response Sets

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*Updated March 22, 2017 with new functionality

We took on your feedback and have created a faster, more streamlined way of creating and editing responses to questions in your templates. The result: Response Sets. You can now upload, create and edit a multiple choice response set for any question. (Premium subscription plan only)

For example, you might ask “What facility are you at?” in a template. You can build a centralize a list of your locations and insert them as a multiple choice response and use this same list for a different template. Cut down the time to build your questions and help auditors key in answers faster. Response sets help make a large quantity of possible answers easy to use and manage.

Response set

Why it’s useful

If you have a large employee list, inventory list, or location list, you can save a bunch of time with this feature. By creating a multiple choice response set only once, you can apply it throughout several templates.

Let’s say you are a retail manager who creates and manages your company’s templates. You probably have over multiple stores, and each store uses the same standardized templates. What if you open five more stores? You will want to update your template with the new locations. Response Sets makes this easier. Saving you countless hours individually changing each template. You can simply update your responses directly in SafetyCulture or upload an updated CSV file.

How to set it up

1. Log in at

2. On the left hand side, click on your organization’s name and select “Permissions”

3. Provide yourself, and anyone else that requires it, with the ability to “Manage Response Set”

Safetyculture managing templates

Now, you can navigate to the “Responses” tab, under the “Templates” section, and upload a CSV file with a response list or build a list directly by clicking “New response set”.

Response set

On a free SafetyCulture account? ‘Response Sets’ are available on the Premium plan subscription. Upgrade your organization’s SafetyCulture account to enable ‘Response Sets’ and easily manage your template responses and allow your team to input information quickly. Log in to your SafetyCulture account and click the upgrade button on the left navigation menu.

As always we love to hear your feedback at Let us know if Response Sets works for you!

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