By Liz Gonzalez   |  
April 17th, 2017

Take immediate next steps during an audit with ‘Actions’

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Our mission at SafetyCulture is to build products that help our customers find out what’s working well, what’s not and what to do about it. With the help of your feedback, we’ve been working hard to build new features to do just that.

In the latest update, SafetyCulture customers can take advantage of the new ‘Actions’ feature. This helps you take next steps when a problem or non-compliance is spotted and a corrective action is needed. Now, while conducting an audit you’ll have the option to create a follow-up action immediately on the spot.

Create an action for any negative response in 3 easy steps:

  1. Write up what needs to be done.
  2. Assign it to the appropriate person.
  3. Set priority levels and add in due dates.

Once created, a message will be sent in real-time via email, text (SMS) or push notification and the action will appear in the user’s ‘Actions’ tab. The recipient can take immediate action to address the situation.

Describe the task, assign a team member, priority level, and due date. View all pending actions on one screen.

Key benefits:

  • No longer waiting until after an audit to fix issues
  • Easily manage follow-up tasks quickly without reading an entire report
  • Track progress of corrective actions to ensure they’re completed

How it works:

Create actions during an audit

When an exception-response is selected the submenu appears or tap on the paperclip icon to display the menu.

ActionsQuickly create an action task for any question during an audit

After the action task is created it will send to the assigned person. Depending on the their notification preferences they can receive email or push notifications about actions assigned to them.

A manager or the administrator can view all ‘Actions’ across the organization via their browser in the SafetyCulture platform. With search and filter options they can track the priority and status of the ‘Actions’ – To-Do, In Progress, Done, Overdue, Can’t do. If any ‘Actions’ are unassigned, they can assign them to the appropriate team members.

Action tab in SafetyCultureA manager can view all actions, assign them and track progress.

Update status of pending actions

You can update the status of the action by tapping ‘Start Action’ at the bottom to signal the ‘In Progress’ status. Complete the action by tapping on ‘Mark As Done’ to close the action and update status to ‘Done’.

Corrective action status updateUpdate the status of the action from ‘To-Do’ to ‘In Progress’ and ‘Done’

Action notifications

You’ll receive notifications for any action that is assigned to you via email or push notification.* When an action is marked as ‘Done’ a notification is sent to the action creator that it has been completed. A list of all notifications associated with ‘Actions’ is available within the SafetyCulture iAuditor app on the Notifications tab.

* Be sure to enable push notifications in your settings.

Example of an email notification about an assigned action

The ‘Action’ feature gives you the flexibility and ease to take the next step immediately from the field. Creating actions for issues on the spot ensures things don’t get missed. Automatic notifications of action completion allows you to know when tasks get completed in real-time.

On a free SafetyCulture account? ‘Actions’ are available to be assigned to yourself only. Looking to assign to other team members? Upgrade your organization’s SafetyCulture account to enable ‘Actions’ and follow progress with your team. Log in to your SafetyCulture account and click the upgrade button on the left navigation menu.

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