By Tania Clarke   |  
August 8th, 2018

Upcoming Changes To The iAuditor App

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There are exciting changes coming to iAuditor over the next few weeks. We are saying goodbye to the Audits and Templates tabs, and welcoming in the new Inspections tab.

We’ve been listening to your feedback and the latest updates will improve the way you navigate the app so you can get the job done easier, faster and better.

Over the next few months, our teams will be focusing on consistency across our iOS and Android apps. We’re making it easier for you and your team to use iAuditor, regardless of what device you’re using.

Merging of the bottom menu

Find all your inspection data in one place – we’ve merged the Templates and Audits view into one menu under Inspections. You’ll be able to view your templates, and your in-progress and complete inspections.

You can see the navigation change in more detail here:

Sort, Filter and Search

We’ve changed the location of the sort and filter option, and updated the visual appearance of the search bar. Making it much easier for you to find. Coming in the next few weeks, the location of the Sort & Filter option will move as seen below.



More visible attachments

When you’re inspecting, adding attachments for evidence is critical. Now you quickly access attachments for photos, notes, and corrective actions on question items.

Other minor updates have been made to the colours and text to overall make it easier to inspect in sunlight and other bright conditions. You’ll notice a minor change to the bottom section. This helps you navigate at any point using the arrows located at the bottom of the screen.

We hope you enjoy the new experience changes, and we look forward to making more improvements in the future.

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