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January 10th, 2017

Welcome new analytics in 2017!

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Discover trends, reduce risk, and prevent incidents.

One of our new year’s resolutions for 2017 is to provide tools you need to create higher quality and safer workplaces. We’ve recently launched the new Analytics tool in the SafetyCulture platform. Now, with a standard or premium plan, you will experience robust analytics with dashboards and detailed reports to provide you insights into your business operations.

Using sorting filters, the overview dashboards summarizes audit data based on: 

  • Number of audits conducted
  • Average audit performance / scores
  • Breakdown of responses across audits 
  • Audit information by location
  • Exceptions reporting of failed items / responses, lowest scoring audits and audits with the most failed items

The overview dashboards are linked to detailed reports, so you can drill down into the audit data to gain further insights.

You can save the most relevant charts and graphs by bookmarking widgets for easy navigation when you next login. Share information by exporting widgets and sending them to your team.

Set the threshold of scores to display in different colors making them easy to spot. For example an audit with the score of <25% to be displayed in red, 25%-75% displayed in orange, and >75% displayed in green.

Users / Groups

With the ability to drill down by specific auditor you can view activity by unique auditor or a group of auditors. The analytics dashboard records the audits performed, the duration and score as well as the ability to dive right into a specific audit. Assign users into groups to display information needed by group type.

Real-time syncing between SafetyCulture iAuditor and the analytics platform allow you to track quality and safety metrics immediately. Generate weekly, monthly or bi-monthly analytics reports to review performance. Pinpoint issues, spot trends and take proactive measures to keep your processes running smoothly.

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Learn how to update your templates to get the full benefits of the new analytics.

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