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Spectators swarm as Brentford FC Fan Hive hosts M-Sport World Rally Team race car

Moments That Matter | SafetyCulture News | By | 27 Nov 2023 | < 1

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It’s not every day you see a race car at a football game. Well, on Saturday, that’s exactly what we witnessed! We saw two worlds collide with our partners, Brentford FC and M-Sport World Rally Team, joining forces.

In a thrilling event at the Brentford FC Fan Hive, SafetyCulture showcased a spectacular M-Sport race car, capturing the attention of excited fans heading to the Brentford vs Arsenal match. 

The event aimed to not only mesmerize fans with the race car, but also engage them in our AI Create Competition, which is helping us to showcase the value of our latest Training feature

What is AI Create? 

We recently announced Training on the SafetyCulture platform, and one very useful thing you can do with it is create a digital training course in under 60 seconds – all from your mobile device. Just tell it what you want or take a picture, and let AI do the rest. So your teams can access equipment manuals, SOPs, and new training quickly, from anywhere.

AI Create comp

Create with AI to win! 
Fancy winning a trip to watch Brentford FC in England, M-Sport World Rally in Europe or the Australian Open Down Under? All you need to do is use our new AI Create feature in Training and enter your best course for the chance to win. Entries close 14 December 2023. 

Learn more about Brentford and M-Sport:

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