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How to get workplace issues resolved in lightning speed

iAuditor by SafetyCulture Tips | Tips & Tricks | By | 22 Nov 2019 | 3 minute read

If you work in distributed teams, you’ve probably witnessed countless issues that disrupt workplace operations. Whether it’s a small issue like a broken kettle, or something more significant like a faulty electrical wire, these kinds of problems need to be fixed before it’s too late.

All workplaces can minimize risk and reputational damage by improving the time it takes to address issues head-on. But it’s not always so simple. Have you ever asked yourself the following questions:

  • How can I get workplace issues resolved faster, so my team and I can be more productive?
  • How do I stop small issues from turning into more significant problems?
  • How can I turn resolved problems into useful lessons to improve my business?

If you find yourself nodding along, take note of these tips to help you resolve problems faster. Save time and create a better workplace experience for you, your team, and your customers.

Save time by getting issues addressed faster

Imagine you’re at work and your team member has alerted you of a machinery fault at one of your sites. It could be in the same building, or it could be thousands of miles away.

You’d need to drop what you were doing, inspect the problem, and then get in touch with the right person to fix the problem. This takes time away from your regular job, and it disrupts the day-to-day workflow of your team. A straightforward problem can potentially result in substantial productivity losses, because it prevents people from doing their day job.

With iAuditor, you can put action into motion as soon as an issue is spotted.

Your team member can note down the issue, add photos for context, along with notes on what the suspected problem is. You’ll be able to see evidence of the problem without leaving wherever you are and assign an action to somebody on the site to inspect and fix the problem.

Reported action

It’s simple to assign actions both during an inspection and outside of it.

Maximize work efficiency by preventing small issues from turning into serious repercussions

Have you ever seen a small problem turn into a big one? It happens all the time, doesn’t it?

A leaky tap can turn a brand new wall into a vertical garden of mildew, or a broken lightbulb can cause someone to trip and injure themselves in a dark room. Small issues can escalate quickly if no-one has the time to manage them.

If a spill appears in your site, anyone who sees it can report it in iAuditor so that nobody has the chance to slip and injure themselves. Everybody has the ability and power to take safety into their own hands. Anyone can log an issue and assign an action. Even contractors and temporary staff can be assigned actions, so that any business issues are reported on immediately, and in real-time.

Completed action

You can collaboratively spot issues and correct them as a team, meaning you and your team can operate at maximum efficiency.

With iAuditor, you can simplify the way your team reports issues so that anyone can say something and be heard by the right person- right away, and action can be taken with confidence.

Highlight blind spots by digging deep into the data

Sometimes, a problem can repeat itself. You’ve fixed the issue, but a week later, someone else reports the exact same issue popping up again.

Without a consistent way to report and track problems, it can be hard to get to the root of the problem. By spotting patterns and trends when faults occur, it allows you and your team to get back to your business tasks quicker.

The spill has happened yet again. You dig into your actions history on iAuditor, and you realize multiple actions have been assigned to the same area, regarding similar spills. It’s only obvious after you’ve inspected the photos and notes attached to each action. After checking the site, you realize the problem is a leaking roof. Once the roof is fixed, you’ve stopped future spills, prevented staff from spending time fixing it, and made the workplace a safer place.

List of logged actions

Armed with fully contextual actions and all your data in one place, you can now attack the root of the problem at lightning speed. iAuditor allows you and your team to see a history log of all issues, photos, notes, and the steps taken in the past to fix the problem.

Save you and your company both time and money

With collaborative actions and issues, you and your staff can fix issues as they appear, prevent more significant problems and incidents from happening, and solve the root cause of issues. In the end, a better way to automate your workplace communications and task management will save everybody time, money, and headaches.

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