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Introducing the Training Centre in SafetyCulture iAuditor

iAuditor by SafetyCulture Tips | By | 18 Aug 2016 | 2 minute read

Training centre for safetyculture iauditor, inspection app

There’s something new and exciting happening within the app. For all users, we now have a Training Centre complete with video tutorials to teach you how to quickly build great templates, conduct audits and generate customizable reports using SafetyCulture iAuditor.

The videos provide you with insider information and tips about the best way to build your templates. Even if you’re a seasoned SafetyCulture iAuditor user, the Training Centre will still be valuable to you.

After watching these videos, we are confident you will get the full benefit of SafetyCulture iAuditor and be able to perform audits and use your templates effectively for your business. Of course, high quality operations begin with having effective templates. So start improving your safety and quality and watch the results unfold.

Learn on the spot about templates, template creation, basics about conducting audits, and using SafetyCulture’s analytics platform.


Training Centre Videos

Intro to Templates

Learn more about SafetyCulture iAuditor in this video
Learn more about SafetyCulture iAuditor in this video

The Intro to templates video gives you a brief overview of where all your templates are created and how to navigate the SafetyCulture iAuditor menu. Here you can learn where to find the Template Editor, how to start an audit and access the Public Library.

Basic Template Creation

Learn more about template creation in this video
Learn more about template creation in this video

Next, the three minute video on basic template creation gives you an overview of how to create a template using all the SafetyCulture iAuditor fields. The tutorial shows you which fields are the most effective, how to test your template, how to add photos, signatures and more.

Basic Audits

Learn how to conduct basic audits in this video
Learn how to conduct basic audits in this video

Then, the Basic Audits tutorial teaches you how to conduct your first audit and describes the default fields and what they mean. You will learn how to add photos, annotate photos, sign off on templates and how to mark audits as complete. Generate a PDF inspection report and find your list of audits when needed.

Learn about SafetyCulture iAuditor

Learn more about SafetyCulture in this video
Learn more about SafetyCulture in this video

This tutorial teaches you how to back up your data securely in your SafetyCulture account. Learn how to manage teams of people, share templates and how to capture audit data.
The self-serve Training Centre is accessible at anytime by going to the main menu in the app. Now you can watch the videos to learn the basics or refresh your memory if you are a long time SafetyCulture iAuditor user. Visit the app to get started and become a SafetyCulture iAuditor master!


Are you on a desktop? Watch the Training Centre videos for Android or iOS.

Check out the Training Centre in the app

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