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iAuditor on the Frontline: Our new community partnership with St John Ambulance

Industry Trends | SafetyCulture News | By | 23 Nov 2020 | 2 minute read

It’s fair to say that 2020 has been a turbulent year for many of us.

Before COVID-19 took hold, Australia had a devastating start to the year with the worst bushfires the country has seen in a long time. It was a deeply sombre catastrophe, and it spurred SafetyCulture to start thinking about how we could, and should, take precautionary measures to help our local community. 

SafetyCulture’s Australian office did an amazing job, hosting a Bushfire Relief Night where they raised an incredible $26,000 AUD. While the UK office felt compelled to contribute, we also felt somewhat helpless by being, quite literally, on the other side of the world. We therefore decided to host a brainstorming session based on one simple question: “If a natural disaster happened in the UK what would it be and how could we help?”. 

After many amazing suggestions focused on disaster response, from flood relief to mountain rescue, we have landed on a charity that we all know well – St John Ambulance.

St John Ambulance is the national volunteer-led first aid and health charity. You see their tents at most major events and they’re a friendly face you can always count on. They provide multiple courses from first aid, to mental health training and fire safety training courses.  SafetyCulture UK has trusted them with all of their staff’s first aid training and that’s the reason why SafetyCulture UK is making iAuditor available, free-of-charge, to St John Ambulance.

We uncovered a whole range of use cases from Risk Assessments to Ambulance checks, all of which were still being undertaken by pen and paper. This is where iAuditor comes in. Being a paperless solution to these checks,  iAuditor enables St John Ambulance employees to increase visibility, spot trends and improve efficiency in their busy day to day roles.

Ian Alvey, Deputy Head of Health and Safety, said: “As a major national charity with thousands of volunteers and staff, St John Ambulance has a duty of care and the utmost concern for health and safety provision for its teams around the country and its many properties and other assets. The opportunity to be SafetyCulture’s chosen community partner and for up to 1,000 of our people to have two years of free access to the company’s iAuditor platform is amazing and we’re sure that the software will help us further increase our quality standards, not only in our Health and Safety team but in other functional areas including Clinical, Logistics and Assurance. We are immensely grateful to SafetyCulture for their generous offer and look forward to developing our partnership with them over the coming months and years.”

SafetyCulture is on a mission to empower frontline workers across the globe to improve safety, quality and efficiency in their workplace every day. We want to continuously share our time and resources with the community and, where possible, partner with more great charities such as St John Ambulance to give something back to a cause that gives so much to us.

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