Weekly roundup of the best industry news collated by SafetyCulture
Weekly roundup of the best industry news collated by SafetyCulture
Weekly roundup of the best industry news collated by SafetyCulture
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September 29th, 2016

Weekly Roundup Of The Best Industry News – Friday 30th

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We’ve put together a compilation of this week’s best industry news so you don’t have to find them yourself. Check back each Friday for the best articles and updates in your industry.

Construction News

BIM and the Japanese government are using drones and augmented reality to raise construction industry. Read more.

The unveiling of the new iPhone 7 can mean huge things for the construction industry. Find out how it can benefit health and safety professionals. Read more.

The advantages of being on the cutting edge of technology can do great things for your construction company. Find out 5 ways it can help you. Read more.

Find out why mobility is so important for the construction industry. Our technology habits are changing. Read more.

Hospitality & Leisure News

One in seven UK takeaway stores have failed food hygiene tests. Yikes! Read more.

The US vs. Europe: How are hoteliers embracing hotel technology? How sophisticated are hoteliers in the US compared with Europe when it comes to their usage of technology? Read more.

Can hoteliers use Pokemon Go to drive revenue? 70% of millennials plan to play it on their next vacation. Read more.

Retail News

eBay and Myer have released the world’s first VR department store. Within the experience, more than 12,500 products from Myer can be browsed, selected and bought using eBay Slight Search. This is the future of retail. Read more.

Transportation News

SpaceX has released a new video showing a CG concept of its Interplanetary Transport System, the rocket and spacecraft combo it plans to use to colonize Mars. Read more.

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