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Karamo takes on a new challenge: Helping thousands of businesses to create more inclusive workplaces

Media Release | By | 19 Sep 2022 | 2 minute read

Karamo Brown launches free Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training with micro-learning platform EdApp by SafetyCulture

Karamo Brown, best known for his role as Culture Expert on Netflix’s Queer Eye, is teaming up with EdApp by SafetyCulture to help businesses move beyond DEI buzzwords and help workplaces become more inclusive.  Businesses and individual learners around the world can now access Karamo’s new course — Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training with Karamo — and it’s available for free. 

The course aims to help business of all sizes focus on DEI, which is particularly important when you consider 76% of jobseekers and employees say diversity and inclusion programs are an important factor when evaluating companies and job offers. 83% of millennials reported that they feel more actively engaged with their work when their company supports DEI initiatives and programs and by 2025, Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce. 

While the business benefits of DEI programs are clear, recent YouGov research commissioned by SafetyCulture found only 30% of frontline workers said they’d received diversity and inclusion training in the last year. 

Karamo’s course helps learners hold a mirror up to their everyday actions, and understand the necessary steps they can take to keep themselves and their workplaces accountable.The course includes 7 segments focused on key issues including microaggressions, unconscious bias, and psychological safety at work. It offers tools and tips to help businesses and employees take actionable steps to create a culture where individuals can be their best selves and thrive.

Commenting on his partnership with EdApp, Karamo said: “People ask why DEI is so important right now — it’s because when you recognize someone’s diversity and who they are, that’s when you see them. That’s when they feel they can be their authentic self and do their best work. I’m hoping everyone taking this course takes away the understanding that creating an inclusive workplace is easy to do, but it does take work. Each of us has to do the work daily to make sure we create a culture where everyone feels included.” 

Karamo’s new course will help the 30,000 global businesses already using the EdApp platform, and will be available for any new businesses or individuals that want to take actionable steps to create more inclusive, equitable and diverse workplaces. 

Commenting on EdApp’s approach to workplace learning, Darren Winterford, EdApp CEO said:

“DEI is an important space that all companies need and want to improve in. We created this course with Karamo because he is an expert in this space and knows what it takes to make more inclusive workplaces. We’ve made the course free because we’re big believers in democratizing learning – especially when it comes to such important issues.”

“We want to help small to medium-sized businesses provide the same learning and development experiences that bigger organisations offer. These are people that are passionate about creating an engaging learning experience but don’t always have the resources to dedicate to creating a full program. We’ve seen people around the world signing-up in droves for expert-led classes that help them progress their personal goals – so why not bring some of that excitement to the workplace?”

Businesses or individuals who are interested in taking the course can do so for free, by signing up here.

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