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SafetyCulture recognised as a top Aussie employer

Media Release | By | 17 Aug 2022 | 2 minute read

SafetyCulture has been named as one of the best medium-sized companies to work for in the 2022 Best Places to Work survey. The study, which ranked SafetyCulture in 3rd place, is based on one of the world’s most comprehensive assessments of workplace culture by Great Place to Work Australia. 

Founded in 2004 in Townsville, Queensland, SafetyCulture is now the operational heartbeat of working teams around the world. Its mobile-first operations platform leverages the power of human observation to identify issues and opportunities for businesses to improve every day. More than 65,000 organisations use its flagship products, iAuditor, and EdApp, to perform checks, train their staff, report issues, automate tasks and communicate fluidly.

“SafetyCulture is both a mission-driven and customer-focused company. People are drawn to us because they are passionate about making a difference and we actively try to make sure that every person we employ has the opportunity to make an impact,” says Anna Wenngren, Chief People Officer.

“Alongside our focus on culture, we also believe in providing benefits that incentivise and enhance the experience our people have each day. Not only do we offer the opportunity for people to do some of the best work in their career, but we make sure that they can enjoy themselves while they do it,” said Wenngren. 

Some of the perks of working at SafetyCulture include:

  • Equity in the company, creating ownership for every employee
  • Prepared breakfasts, lunches and snacks 
  • Ultra-modern and pet-friendly office spaces
  • Annual company off-site and hackathon, called ‘ShipIt’
  • People-focused policies on miscarriage leave and domestic violence support 
  • Paid parental leave (16 weeks for primary caregivers and 8 weeks for secondary caregivers) 
  • Superannuation payments for primary carers, which cover any unpaid periods of parental leave, during the first 12 months of a child’s life
  • Opportunities to participate in community volunteer programs, events and fundraisers
  • Flexible working policy
  • Rotating calendar of social events such as cocktail hours, wood-fired pizzas, DJs and karaoke 
  • An Employee Assistance Program to support mental and emotional wellbeing 

Creating a ‘Culture Crew’

SafetyCulture’s people strategy centres around creating an aspirational workplace, achieved through investment in ongoing development programs, inspiring workspaces and an emphasis on nurturing unique company rituals. 

The company also believes in empowering every employee to reach their full potential, starting from day one. Every employee receives a consistent, but personalised onboarding experience, which is kickstarted with a three-day boot camp where they are immersed in company values, upskilled in products, meet with all members of the Senior Leadership Team and hear the voice of customers.

“Our ultimate goal is to have a workplace where everyone can thrive. I think what sets SafetyCulture apart is not just our amazing culture and workspaces, but the incredible breadth of career opportunities that we can provide as we continue to rapidly scale around the world,” said Wenngren.

Shaping the next generation of workplaces

SafetyCulture is also known for its ultra-modern Surry Hills headquarters, which has revolutionised workplace design in Australia. The building was designed to encourage greater collaboration and innovation amongst teams when they are in the office and features distinctive customer-themed meeting rooms that ensure customers are always top of mind.

In recent years, the business has also added to its original Townsville office, opening offices in the UK, USA, Amsterdam and the Philippines and achieving Best Place to Work recognition on all four continents that it operates in.

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