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Behind The Scenes of The Block: Going Digital with SafetyCulture

SafetyCulture News | By | 27 Aug 2021 | 2 minute read

We’re excited to announce that we’re featuring on hit reality TV series The Block! All contestants used iAuditor to tackle their inspections and onsite communications, with our very own SafetyCulture Ambassador, Scott Cam, leading the charge.

One thing we quickly learned on set was that no two days are the same on The Block. We chat to their Site Manager, Aidan O’Shannessy, to get a sneak peek of what life is really like behind the scenes of The Block… and the scoop on what makes a great contestant. 

OK, let’s get started!

Q: What’s an average day on The Block?

A: 7am to 9am is pretty hectic. We induct 50 or 60 people each morning from all walks of life —  you’ve got the contestants on site, tradesmen, production crew, even the odd celebrity! 

Q: What’s the best and worst thing about being on The Block?

A: The Block is a very stimulating environment. It’s just such an action-packed site that both problems and solutions are amplified. 

Q: What’s the best safety advice you’ve been given?

A: If you don’t know, ask. Working with people is far better than working against them — always bring together all the people and information available to you!

Q: What’s something that contestants don’t often think about when they first start on The Block? 

A: When people come on to The Block, no one ever really understands just how hard it is and how much work you really have to do! The harder they work, the less money they spend and the better they do in the end. It’s a full-on learning curve. 

Q: Who gets the hang of safety processes better — newbies onsite or old hands with construction experience? 

A: What’s interesting is that tradespeople aren’t necessarily the best at safety on The Block. In fact, they sometimes have some bad habits that need to be unlearned! What I’ve found is that organized people can pick up safety procedures quickly and are far less restricted in their abilities. 

Q: What are some of the daily safety challenges you face on The Block?

A: You can go from having clear, clean walkways to having the site being a complete mess half an hour later. The pace of the site is something we keep an eye on. 

Things move so quickly, it’s all about keeping everyone as safe as we can and trying to get in front of that next move or change. 

Q: What’s next for The Block?

A: On The Block we’re always trying to learn and develop our systems and processes. We never want to rest on our laurels and think we’re doing things perfectly. Digital systems like iAuditor are great to help keep us compliant and more so than that — introduce practical levels of safety that people can use onsite.

Watch SafetyCulture in action The Block… or stay tuned to catch us on the small screen!
The Block 2022 airs on the Nine Network from Sunday, August 7, at 7.00pm.

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