By Tania Clarke   |  
November 5th, 2015

Introducing Our Values

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When we started SafetyCulture we had a mission to offer innovative, low cost mobile first products that empower users to have a safe and efficient workplaces all over the world. We’re well on our way to fulfilling that mission.

The best core values impact company culture, brand, and business strategies. When we’re faced with tough situations, values provide answers that guide us towards a sound outcome.

As a rapidly growing startup, it is essential for us to go through this process. There are a few ingredients that go into making a good value. They have to be memorable, short, actionable and the staff have to be passionate about them. Easier said than done.

The culture is the sum of the people that make up the company, and by defining our values, we have set the compass direction for our cultural path as we go forward.

Our values should guide us in what we do on an everyday basis whether it be creating a new feature, helping a customer or writing a blog post. They are the fundamental beliefs of an organisation and they guide and influence our behaviour and action.

As R.Disney puts it, “It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.”

The Process

Coming up with values needs to go beyond a brainstorming session. Values come from a careful examination of your own history and the culture your company is trying to create.

During our shipit week, a small group of us got together to map out some ideas based on key themes. We wanted them to be actionable, to be short and to most of all have meaning.

After some intense whiteboarding, pizza and a little wine and beer, we came to a conclusion on our final four. Introducing our values:

Be bold, bring action

Thing bigger. Act now, not tomorrow.

Better as a team

Stronger, better, faster together. Do the best work of your life.

Open, honest always

Expect transparency. Embrace vulnerability. Challenge with respect.

Think customer

Hold the customer at the heard of everything we do. We give a s#!t.

By the way, we’re hiring!

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