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Make under-reporting a thing of the past with Issues

Customer Stories | By | 5 Oct 2023 | 5 minute read

Female construction worker using a tablet to perform inspections

It’s common to have issues, faults, and blockers pop up in the workplace. What’s important is being able to observe, report, and resolve them in a timely manner. Issues on the SafetyCulture platform can help you and your teams do just that – it’s no wonder it’s one of our most popular features. 

What is Issues?

The Issues feature includes a wide range of functionalities that empowers not only frontline workers to report issues as soon as one occurs, but also the teams responsible for resolving them, as they are notified immediately.

Each issue has its own audit trail, which logs comments, media attachments, as well as field updates in real-time. This means all parties involved in the issue can collaborate in one space to resolve the problem, and once resolved, all the details and activities can be generated in a web report to be shared with relevant stakeholders.

Let’s explore how some of our customers have used Issues to improve workplace communications for their teams.


Solving issues with a people-first solution

The customer lies at the heart of any effective hospitality management strategy, and no one knows that better than Butlin’s. With a decades-spanning record of hosting holiday getaways across the UK, Butlin’s beloved seaside resorts keep their guests coming back, season after season. The resorts use the SafetyCulture platform to ensure they exceed guest expectations at every opportunity. 

Decked out with swimming pools, retail shops, buffet restaurants, tons of entertainment options, and 1,700 accommodation units, each of its holiday resorts was clearly designed with the guest experience in mind. Butlin’s sprawling layouts are great for guests, but pose a challenge for staff when it comes to reporting observations and addressing issues.

For example, an issue spotted on the far end of the property might be replaced by more urgent observations made during the return trek. Communication via text or email might get the message across, but the opportunity to close the loop with automated follow-up or tracking capability is missed. By implementing automated emails for unaddressed issues, team members can stay informed and prioritize tasks efficiently. As the day moves on for busy team members, untracked issues and incidents can easily fall by the wayside. 

“[Staff] can actually see that this is making their life easier. It’s intuitive to use and doesn’t need a huge amount of training. It means they can do the work in real-time.” 

– Michaela Lake, ​​Accommodation, Facilities and Enviromental Business Support Partner, Butlin’s

Solving a human problem requires a people-driven solution. Issues in the SafetyCulture platform offers a simple tool to support staff, rather than hinder them.

Logging Issues in SafetyCulture empowers Butlin’s staff to take corrective action straight away. Whether it be a facilities manager or resort director, everyone across the organization is able to identify issues as they enter or exit a space, as well as log maintenance requests, which can be assigned within the platform. With Issues, the team has all hands on deck to achieve the speediest outcomes.

In hotel management, business happens 24/7 and visibility is critical. Through the SafetyCulture platform, Butlin’s has gained more oversight, and so much more. Issues plays a key role in planning improvements and working towards increased efficiency. With patterns and the bigger picture made visible, teams can see what’s working, and what’s not, then discuss these findings during weekly staff meetings. If a certain task is always taking longer than expected, they can get to the bottom of it and find ways to improve the process.

“We shouldn’t underestimate what Issues has done for the team – they now feel empowered,” says Michaela Lake, Butlin’s ​​Accommodation, Facilities and Enviromental Business Support Partner. “The engagement is phenomenal because they can actually see that this is making their life easier. It’s intuitive to use and doesn’t need a huge amount of training. It means they can do the work in real-time.” 

Butlin's seaside resorts
Butlin’s team members feel more in control of their day, thanks to Issues.

Brentford Football Club

Implementing a winning operations strategy

Brentford Football Club’s step up into the Premier League changed the game and raised the stakes, not just for the players on the field, but for the operations team behind them as well. With the promotion comes higher expectations — and that requires seamless operations. From keeping players match-ready with personalized kit to managing every aspect of the Gtech Community Stadium, SafetyCulture helps Brentford FC keep its eye on the ball. 

Pre- and post-match checklists within the SafetyCulture platform help the operations team stay on top of the countless moving parts involved in hosting thousands of fans on home soil. Essential tasks, like keeping track of accreditation, managing broadcasters, setting up barriers and ensuring punters can all grab a pint at halftime are all streamlined within the platform. To respond to the things they can’t plan for – like an unexpected rogue drone flight or the occasional cheeky streaker – the operations team relies on Issues

Scannable QR codes on the back of every stadium seat get Brentford FC’s fans in on the action. SafetyCulture makes it easy for anyone to scan the code and report an issue within the stadium or provide general feedback – without the need for a dedicated login or password. With 17,250 stadium seats decked out with the QR code, Issues empowers every game attendee to report anything from rowdy fans to spills and other safety hazards. 

The operations team is able to see these submissions in real time and respond accordingly. The platform doesn’t just help staff address small issues before they get out of hand. It increases visibility into areas for improvement and gives the team the information needed to anticipate and avoid similar issues in the future. 

“We all work together, our fans and our staff, connected on one platform,” says Operations Manager Tom McGuinness.

Brentford FC staff using the SafetyCulture platform
Brentford FC’s operations team uses Issues to deliver the best match-day experience.


Simplifying processes and closing the loop

Often operating in remote regions, Infravision looks after constructing and maintaining aerial power lines using TX systems and drones to minimize high-risk tasks for its workers. The SafetyCulture platform is its team’s companion both on and off the ground. 

For dispersed teams in high-stakes industries, having a standard and seamless way to flag any incidents, hazards or injuries as they happen is critical. SafetyCulture’s Issues feature allows team members to skip over-complicated forms by reporting issues directly through the platform’s easy-to-use app. The ability to include photos, videos, real-time weather updates and location means Infravision’s staff can capture critical, detailed information in a matter of seconds. 

Acknowledging the important role of meticulous documentation, Infravision enthusiastically incorporates cutting-edge image enhancement tools. These tools empower the team to swiftly and accurately capture and report vital information through quick photo adjustments. Seamlessly integrated with the SafetyCulture platform, Infravision adopts this comprehensive approach to responsible incident reporting. This concern to safeguard all workers entails merging real-time data with visually enriched documentation, reinforcing their steadfast commitment to elevating safety standards and ensuring a secure and efficient working environment for their dedicated staff.

This direct input into the SafetyCulture platform helps to create a continuous improvement feedback loop that Infravision can harness to get better every day. Reported incidents and issues trigger a workflow that ensures action is taken to quickly resolve the issue. 

“Safety is absolutely at the forefront of everything we do. One of the terms that we use at Infravision is ‘high-reliability organization’, driven by the fact we can be better tomorrow than we are today. We have to be learning every day, and what’s critical in developing that sort of culture is the ability to report on it, to empower our workers and our customers to provide us that feedback and to track how we’re improving the workplace and our product,” explains ​​Chief Operations Officer Paul Crawford. 

Infravision makes good use of the QR codes to report issues on the spot.

With better visibility and traceability, organizations like Infravision, Butlin’s, and Brentford FC can get to the root cause of workplace trends, learn how to anticipate areas that need attention, and continuously improve every day.

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