By Manoj Verghese   |  
June 21st, 2016

SafetyCulture iAuditor comes to Windows 10

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When we first announced we were building a native Windows 10 version of the SafetyCulture iAuditor app, hundreds of customers signed up before the app was even ready. Already running on more than 300 million devices, Windows 10 quickly rose to become one of the largest online services. Also, as of a few months ago, more than three-quarters of Microsoft’s enterprise clients – including those who are also SafetyCulture customers – were actively piloting Microsoft’s latest operating system. When we looked at the data surrounding this and the excitement from our customers to join our beta program, it was a no brainer to form a relationship.

Companies running their businesses on Windows platforms would want the best tools on there to help keep operations running smoothly. So today, after much collaboration with Microsoft, we launch SafetyCulture iAuditor for Windows 10 to meet our customers’ need for a version of the app that integrates with their existing Microsoft environments. The addition of native Windows 10 functionality for SafetyCulture iAuditor means users can conduct audits and inspections anywhere in the world, regardless of internet connection, and have the results seamlessly sync with the SafetyCulture platform when a network connection is re-established.

For example, a construction manager on a remote site with a patchy mobile network connection can still conduct an inspection, capture images and notes, and complete his field report, all on their Windows 10 phone or tablet. When they enter an area that has stronger internet connectivity, their report and findings will be automatically synced to the SafetyCulture platform and can be shared with team members and managers. At that point, additional analyses can be conducted – to identify recurring issues, compare results with past audits or other sites, determine areas of improvement and more – or action can be immediately taken.

From remote construction and mining sites to destination resorts and restaurants, SafetyCulture helps companies create safer and higher quality workplaces through the provision of mobile-first technologies. This latest release of iAuditor for Microsoft Windows 10 gets us closer to achieving our mission.

Try the SafetyCulture iAuditor for Windows 10 app today.

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