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50,000 Templates in the Public Library

SafetyCulture News | By | 16 Feb 2015 | < 1

The world’s largest collection of inspection checklists has reached a new milestone, collecting its 50,000th template!

Any of the templates in iAuditor’s Public Library can be accessed by anyone with iAuditor for free, and is now available on desktop.

The Public Library is a prime example of the power of collaboration at work.

It is remarkable to see the growth that has been achieved by everyone pitching in and collaborating. Now there is a huge depository of checklists for anyone to use to make their industry safer.

For those templates that have had an industry assigned to them, we have collected statistics on the major ones, showing Construction leading the way:

Industry No. of templates Percentage of total
Agriculture 417 1.60%
Cleaning 954 3.70%
Community Services 448 1.70%
Construction 9003 34.70%
Dept of Defence 96 0.40%
Education 1376 5.30%
Emergency Services 563 2.20%
Financial Services 124 0.50%
Food & Hospitality 2449 9.40%
General 2432 9.40%
Health Services 872 3.40%
Horticultural 125 0.50%
ICT 801 3.10%
Local Government 897 3.50%
Manufacturing 2119 8.20%
Maritime 215 0.80%
Mining 958 3.70%
Professional Services 917 3.50%
Publishing 22 0.08%
Transport & Logistics 1592 6.10%

At the end of the day, these milestones iAuditor reaches all add up to reaffirm the larger picture – getting everyone home safe.

Collaboration and sharing a wealth of knowledge holds the key to achieving a smarter, safer world.

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Well done to everyone for achieving this milestone!

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