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Australia is creating world-class tech, starting now

SafetyCulture News | By | 18 Aug 2021 | 2 minute read

Let’s talk about Australia’s tech scene — because right now, it’s booming. 

With its growing economic value, Australia’s tech sector has never been in a better position. It’s recently emerged as one of the country’s most significant employers, generating $167 billion in output per year and employing roughly 861,000 Australians.

It’s also been key to managing Australia’s COVID-19 response. Software and cloud service adoption helped avoid a total economic shutdown and enabled critical services across almost every industry. This has been crucial to keep business wheels turning amid the ongoing cycle of lockdowns. 

And it’s not just local, either — we’ve all seen the headlines! From Afterpay’s deal with Square and SafetyCulture joining the unicorn club, to recent funding rounds for AirWallex and Canva breaking funding records, Aussie tech has never been stronger. These homegrown tech companies have been making waves in Australia and overseas. And they’ve officially banded together with the creation of the Tech Council to drive further impact.  

The Council is made up of 23 companies across Australia’s tech sector, and come armed with 3 crucial goals:

1. Employ one million people by 2025. 
2. Grow the value of tech activity to the economy to $250 billion by 2030.
3. Make Australia the best place to start and grow a global company, making sure we keep creating more jobs and opportunities right here in Australia.

Recent research from The Tech Council Australia found that:

  • Australian technology industry generates $167 billion in output per year and employs 861,000 Australians.
  • During the pandemic, the tech sector generated 65,000 jobs, the economy’s second highest job creator behind retail.
  • Since 2005, tech jobs have grown by 66%, compared to an average jobs growth rate of 27% across the economy.
  • 1 in 16 working Australians in the tech sector.
  • By 2030, technology has the potential to contribute more to GDP than primary industries or manufacturing.Australia’s technology sector has a diversity of company sizes, including 35,200 sole traders, 26,100 businesses with fewer than 20 employees, and just 100 large firms of 200+ employees.

What’s next for tech in Australia?

The Tech Council’s mission is to be the united voice of the country’s most successful technology companies, and help Australia drive a tech-supported recovery.

Working in collaboration with governments, business and the community, the Tech Council will focus on growth of the Australian tech sector, based on the principle that technology can bring economic benefits, and benefit people, organizations and societies.

The Tech Council’s public policy priorities lie in ensuring that Australia becomes a place where: 

  • People and businesses have confidence harnessing the power of technology,
  • Investors have confidence backing Australian technology companies,
  • Where technology companies have confidence in investing locally, including in research and development.

Why did SafetyCulture become a member?

The Australian technology industry is already a vital part of the local economy but we believe we are stronger together. Together, we exist to:

  • Be a voice for the Australian technology industry, to invigorate and leverage our collective abilities and strengths to create an accessible, vibrant, profitable and collaborative part of the Australian economy. 
  • Engage and advise in collaborative and constructive conversation with Australia’s policymakers and the wider community, to keep Australia at the leading edge of technology in the world. 
  • Develop impactful partnerships with private and public sector organisations to build stronger, digitally skilled talent for Australian companies.
  • Work closely with local communities to create employment opportunities and have a positive impact on development and economic growth. 

We’re excited about what the Tech Council will bring to the table and we’re proud to be a part of it! Onwards and upwards.  

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