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A look inside SafetyCulture Kansas City’s award-winning culture: #1 Best Places to Work

SafetyCulture News | By | 8 Nov 2021 | 3 minute read

We’re thrilled to announce that our Kansas City team is celebrating their recent award win, #1 Best Place to Work by the Kansas City Business Journal for small companies!

We couldn’t be prouder to join the ranks of so many great organizations as a ‘Best Place to Work’ in Kansas City. This award represents not only the hard work of our employees but their resilience and support of each other through COVID-19 lockdowns – some of the most challenging times we’ve ever faced.

Traditionally, companies felt like people were lucky to work for them. At SafetyCulture, we believe in the opposite – that we’re lucky to have the people we do work for us. 

We asked Global General Manager, Bob Butler, and America’s Vibe Manager, Niki Jensen, what makes our North American HQ the Best Place to Work in Kansas City.

Here’s what they had to say.

What would be the elevator pitch for the Kansas City office?

We’re mission-driven and values-focused. At SafetyCulture, you’ll do the best work of your life alongside talented, passionate people. Employees have the ability to build a career, learn new skills, and develop professionally. We’re invited to bring our authentic selves to work every day and are striving to build an equitable workplace for everyone.

What’s so unique about the Kansas City office and its people?

The Midwest is the best! And so are our employees. Everyone checks their egos at the door every day and there is a true sense of teamwork and camaraderie. And they’re all committed to doing the best work of their life, everyday. There is something special about working with people who are all motivated by the same mission and products that are actually helping people. Employees who have been with us for years are still just as excited about the work as our newest hires. Plus, our team cares about each other personally. 

At SafetyCulture, we’re focused on creating a culture where everyone has the opportunity to make a real impact. 

The Kansas City team is growing quickly. How do you adapt to change?

As we scale, our leadership team is committed to making employees feel known and valued. Teams across the world are encouraged to collaborate and learn from each other to find solutions that are best for our customers. 

To make sure we’re bringing on the very best talent, we have a lengthy interview process that involves employees from all departments and we only hire candidates that completely align with our core values

We’re expanding our existing office space! Headquartered in the vibrant Crossroads district in Kansas City, Missouri, there will be a pickleball court, a kitchen built for an in-office chef, and customer-centric spaces designed for collaboration. Did we mention that we’re hiring?

How did you maintain a workplace culture through lockdowns and challenging times?

First and foremost, we listened. Feedback was core to keeping people engaged. We were constantly checking in. Our team made an effort to be there for each other and created safe spaces to share how we were really doing.

We also created a wellness month that emphasized mental health. We hosted expert speakers, tools to manage stress and work-life balance, virtual fitness classes, cooking events with our chef in Sydney, and sent gifts in the mail.

What are the challenges in the KC office moving forward?

We have so much opportunity for growth. As we continue to grow and hire, we must maintain the high standards for hiring to ensure that everyone is a ‘culture add,’ that they bring something to the table that we didn’t already have.

As thankful as we are to have won Best Places to Work in Kansas City this year, we’re not taking the culture we’ve built for granted. We have to continue to evolve and grow moving forward.

What our employees say

SafetyCulture is really unique because we’re a global company in the heart of Kansas City. We’re a fast-growing recent unicorn, and there is tons of opportunity to grow professionally and in your career. – Nick

It’s a really unique environment where we get to have a direct link to not only our managers and people leaders, but the heads of the company and senior leadership team – Niki

It’s everything I could dream of in a workspace. The minute I walked in the building, I knew I was supposed to be here and every day I walk in here, I know I’m supposed to be here – Jay

P.S – we’re looking for people to be a part of it. Come join the team! 

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