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Earth Day, every day: Keep in check with our series of sustainable actions

SafetyCulture News | By | 15 Apr 2021 | 3 minute read

This month we celebrate Earth Day, a global movement to raise awareness about climate change, environmental issues and sustainability. From April 20-22, the world’s leaders will be speaking up on these issues for Earth Day 2021. 

The theme this year is ‘restore’, and after the global pandemic that has rocked the planet, we’re all conscious and cautious about gently returning to some semblance of the way things were. But this time, we’re not only getting safely back to work – we’re building back better, and changing some of our pre-pandemic behaviors that were no longer working.

This is a perfect opportunity to take these sustainable behaviors into your organization too. With COVID-19 related measures, your sustainability policies perhaps may have been pushed to the background, especially with disposable masks and the initial usage of single-use items.

Here at SafetyCulture we’ve transformed our business by becoming sustainable from the inside out. Get inspired with some ideas for your office:

Sydney says no to single use plastics

Our HQ in Sydney is committed to taking steps to ensure we are doing right by the environment and our planet.

We’ve changed our handwash, bodywash, air freshener, and dishwashing liquid in order to limit the use of single-use plastics. Our sparkling new ZeroCo’s swanky dispensers are made from plastic rubbish pulled out of the ocean, beaches & landfill. 

We’re also just about to implement ZeroCo’s reusable refill pouches which are made from plastic waste diverted from landfill. When we empty these pouches into our dispensers, we send them back to ZeroCo for them to be refilled and used again.

So what does this mean for the planet? Well, every refill equals one less new plastic bottle being made, used once and thrown away.

Environmental kindness in Kansas

Our Kansas office has been working to replace all kitchenware with reusable plates, bowls, cups, and silverware. We’ve also implemented a composting program, which includes the ability to take home composting bins for any employees who want to participate. 

By getting into the spirit of composting, it starts to become an ingrained sustainable habit for our staff.

Managing wastage in Manchester

In our Manchester office, we have partnered with Boxx Direct UK who not only supply eco-friendly office items but they supply us with printer toner recycling boxes and dead battery recycling boxes. When the boxes get full they arrange a service to come and collect the waste from us. They also offer an amazing pen recycling service for when our office pens run out.

Saving 16 million pieces of paper a day with iAuditor

Through championing the use of our digital software app iAuditor, organizations can help to eliminate paper wastage.

In terms of digital data, iAuditor software processes around 1TB per day. If all of these checks were done on paper, this would equate to 16 million pieces of paper a day!

Becoming independent of paper is a core goal we can all adopt in order to save more trees. It’s COVID-19 friendly too, as digital checklists not only allow us to keep up with compliance, but also allow us to conduct better hygiene practices.

Say goodbye to food wastage

Food wastage is another unhealthy behavior we can look at adopting. 

You’ve probably thrown out a damp bag of spinach before or had to throw away a carton of milk that wasn’t kept cold enough. By using our temperature sensors, food wastage becomes drastically reduced, by alerting us when the optimum temperature drops – a great way to become more conscious of how food waste can easily occur.

Want to do more?

Ready to implement some sustainability changes this Earth Day? Save our infographic and use iAuditor to eliminate paper wastage in your organization.

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