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How a Gym Saves 8,000 Pieces of Paper

SafetyCulture News | By | 6 Oct 2015 | 3 minute read

Valley Leisure Limited UK chooses iAuditor

Valley Leisure Limited is a UK-based health and wellbeing organisation with four fitness centres. Each location offers a dynamic range of fitness options for those seeking a gym, swimming pool, indoor and outdoor sports and fitness classes all in one.

The centres strive to get people active while maintaining a safe environment for everyone. The company boasts a consistent health and safety audit score of 84 per cent.

Health and Safety is at the forefront of everything they do, whether it’s risk assessments to facility checks. Operating a fitness centre with numerous pieces of equipment sure does come with its challenges.

We spoke to Dan Flippance, Assistant Manager for the Operations Team, who oversees the day to day operations. He explained how his entire inspection process transformed when he came across iAuditor.


“I was looking through the app store at health and safety apps that we could use as a company due to the amount of paperwork that we used to go through along with the amount of time it took us to complete it all.”

“Along with this, we then had the issue of scanning it onto our systems and then saving and filing the paperwork.”

“We needed a more robust, adaptable app/software system.”

From staffing to court changes to maintenance, Dan is responsible for the management of iAuditor inspections across their four sites. He also is in charge of health and safety across all aspects of the business.


The Valley Leisure team uses iAuditor across their entire facility, conducting up to four inspections per day.

“We use the [SafetyCulture] platform and it has had a very positive effect on the completion along with accountability.”

“The technology has helped us massively as we are now able to be a lot more mobile in the checks, include detailed reports, photos in the checks, have PDF’s copied created and can be emailed to anyone and then saved easily onto our systems.”

“We have reduced our costs in paper, in waste as well as staff training in completing all the checks.”

What Valley Leisure UK save by using iAuditor:

  • Saves 8,000 pieces of paper a year by not printing audits
  • Saving money on recycling and confidential waste
  • Saving money on staffing costs as it’s quicker and more effective
  • iAuditor allows for deep analysis along with evidence for health and safety regulations

Some unexpected improvements from using iAuditor:

  • Further enhanced maintenance reporting
  • Ability to send contractors and engineers in depth audits and photographic evidence
  • Uses the Premium plan with analytics to get a comprehensive overview
  • Investing in more iPads across the business to move further into the iAuditor culture and easier paperless methods

The result is saving thousands in the long term.

Greater Mobility means a Safer Environment

With the company’s mission to make more people more active, it is vital to provide a safe environment for both staff and customers to work and exercise in. It’s important they do their best to prevent any accident from occurring.

iAuditor is used for:

  • Daily facility checks (once a day)
  • Weekly health and safety checks (8 times a week)
  • Sports equipment checks (once a month for at least 50 items)
  • Daily gym visual checks (once a day)
  • Weekly gym cleaning and maintenance checks (once a day)
  • Lifeguard key performance Indicators

Why Valley Leisure use iAuditor

“The support is exceptional, any issues that have occurred with the software, we have been able to get step by step trouble shooting guidance from SafetyCulture. From this we have found out why the problem has occurred and then have we can prevent it from happening again.”

“Safety Culture are always happy to listen to new ideas / concepts to further developed the software. Valley Leisure have made suggestions which are being used as part of the following updates regarding follow up actions,” says Dan.


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