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May 13th, 2014

iAuditor iOS Enterprise Deployment Strategy

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In order to minimise any potential business interruption for organisations using iAuditor in mission critical environments, we recommend implementing the following:

Recommendation 1: Turn off automatic updates on your device/s

Whilst it is important to have all users on a recent build of iAuditor to benefit from all features, we recommend that automatic updates are turned off on all mission critical devices, ensuring updates are only applied after reviewing the SafetyCulture developer blog for any known issues.

Steps to turn off automatic updates

1.  Go to Settings

2.  Go to iTunes & App Store

3.  Turn off Updates

Recommendation 2: Incremental rollout of updates

As iAuditor is incredibly flexible, allowing the creation of many types of inspection and audit forms, we recommend that any update is tested with the templates and reports that are being used on a single device before a broader rollout is commenced.  This will identify any issues in regards to the specific workflow being adopted.

Recommendation 3: Sign up for a SafetyCloud (30 day trial)

If permitted by your company we highly recommend signing up to our SafetyCloud platform.

SafetyCloud backs up your data, so if anything ever happens to your device, or you need to reinstall iAuditor, you can simply log back into SafetyCloud and continue working. It will also allow you to

  • perform realtime syncing of  templates and audits from up to 3 devices per users via your desktop environment
  • edit and review your templates and share them with your users and groups from the desktop
  • ensure your data is protected with enterprise level encryption

The trial is not limited in features in any form with 30 days of use before billing is activated.  This would provide an easy form of backup while you are assessing the new version of iAuditor on your device.  Should you wish to continue with your subscription past the trial period all you need to do is enter your credit card details when ready.  Click here to learn more about SafetyCloud.

Getting Started

Please visit our knowledge base for more information regarding getting started with iAuditor.  These recommendations will be published to our growing knowledge base also.

If you require further assistance we encourage you to view the series of tutorials available on our website.

The SafetyCulture Team


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