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Meet the faces behind SafetyCulture’s ‘Sounds Like Good Work’ ad

SafetyCulture News | By | 4 Aug 2022 | 3 minute read

At SafetyCulture, we know what it takes to build bigger and better —  it takes the many small, daily acts of every person, at every level, playing their part in improved solutions. 

But when everything goes to plan, the planning and operational effort of frontline teams can easily become invisible. 

DID YOU KNOW: New research by SafetyCulture and YouGov reveals that over 70% of Australian frontline workers agree with the statement that “I know I’m doing my job well if no one is bothering me”. 

Our latest ‘Sounds like good work’ ad looks to change that. Using detailed close-ups and amplified sound design, we employ ASMR techniques (that’s Autonomous sensory meridian response) to put a megaphone to quiet work and highlight the small improvements that positively impact workplaces.

It takes every person, onscreen and off, coming together to do things a little quicker, slicker, smarter and safer. So we’re turning the spotlight on the frontline teams that make it happen every day.  

With over 65,000 organizations using our technology worldwide, our spot taps into the diverse customer base who rely on SafetyCulture (formerly iAuditor) and EdApp. You’ll spot our customers from the likes of Tennis Australia, Hudsons Coffee, and Roma Foods, throughout the ad.

So, what does good work sound like? Let’s go behind the scenes to ask those who know best — our talented customers.

Meet Tom, Court Services Team Leader at Tennis Australia

Can you tell us what a day on the job looks like?

I work in Court Services, so this means we start bright and early. We take tarps off and clean the courts to kick off the day. Then, we help prep players for practice, getting tennis balls ready, unlocking fridges and umpire chairs, setting up towels and sourcing the right drinks. Basically making sure the players have everything they need to smash out a great set! We use SafetyCulture to ensure the courts are in good working order at the start and end of the day, to inspect items on court and even to make sure on-court player fridges are fully stocked. 

What does a good day at work sound like?

It sounds like a calm, still morning. No wind, no rain and everything’s quiet. We can get in at 7am and head straight out on court — the sun’s out and everything is going your way.

What’s your favourite ASMR sound at work?

Shelling tennis balls, cracking tins and popping open those ball canisters.

Meet Christelle, Production Supervisor at Roma Foods

Can you tell us what a day on the job looks like?

As Production Supervisor, I start by checking in with my team to see how they’re going and ensure the machines are running well. My role is a mix of paperwork in the office and being on the floor with my team — checking processes, helping operators if they need supporting, hosting toolbox talks and implementing new ideas. I oversee roughly 40 people, so SafetyCulture helps me keep rosters, production plans and GMP checks on track.  

What does a good day at work sound like?

I walk in at 7am and I hear the hum of machinery. Production starts at 5am, so this means all production and packing machines are already running smoothly.

What’s your favourite ASMR sound at work?

I think I’m going to say the rhythmic thunk of machinery. Each machine sounds different — some people call it machine music.

Meet Adam, Food & Beverage Supervisor at Hudsons Coffee

Can you tell us what a day on the job looks like?

I like how my role gets me using my brain in different contexts. I love the buzz and chatter of the cafe, there’s lots of social interaction and you get to build a rapport with customers. I also love the barista aspect of my role. At the same time, I need to stay on top of stock levels in the cafe and during busy periods it means multi-tasking under pressure. SafetyCulture helps monitor the temperature in our fridges and freezers so it’s one less thing to worry about!

What does a good day at work sound like?

Coming into work and everything is prepared and stock levels are high. I also love witnessing the perfect pour — the golden crema coming out of the shiny coffee machine when coffee is pouring perfectly. 

What’s your favourite ASMR sound at work?

It might be the frothing of milk – when stretching perfectly, it makes a satisfying screeching sound. 

So, what does good work sound like? 

The steady hum of a job well done sounds a little different for everyone. But it’s something that builds and builds, with every item checked, issue raised and team trained. Each act is a step towards better, feeding the mechanism of improvement and creating something far greater — a symphony of great teamwork, an improvement movement.  

And we like the sound of that. 

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