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April 21st, 2021

What makes our Manchester office one of the best workplaces in the UK?

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Our Manchester office has a lot to celebrate! They’ve scooped up an award listing with Great Place to Work UK and 3-star accreditation with Best Companies.

These awards recognize the efforts of our team after a crazy year – not just working hard and smart, but showing resilience and supporting each other like never before through a prolonged lockdown in the UK.

We chat to Dan Joyce, General Manager EMEA, on what sets our Manchester team apart as one of the best places to work in the UK.

Q: How has the office been able to retain such a strong office culture throughout turbulent times and lockdowns?

Our mantra has always been caring first, results seconds. We invest in each other. We considered that everyone throughout lockdown has different circumstances and the office went the extra mile to support and understand each and every one of us.

People went above and beyond for each other and our team has a genuine affinity to each other We invested in outside work activities, doing some really cool stuff to continue facilitating socialization even in lockdown. This meant continuing to hang out didn’t become a chore.

Our Manchester team is beaming into each others’ bedrooms, meeting colleagues’ families, and spending virtual evenings together for drinks, cooking classes or guest talks – in a strange way we’re all closer than ever.

Q: What is so unique about the Manchester office and its people?

Everything we’ve done since opening the Manchester office was deliberate — office culture doesn’t happen by default, it’s by design. For instance, choosing to have an office here in Manchester rather than in London has helped cultivate the unique culture we have today. Our team makes time for each other, no one is caught up in their egos and we strive to embody our company values —  “Open, honest always”.

Finally, we put the culture in the hands of our people – employee-owned culture through the Culture Club, for example

Q: Elevator pitch the Manchester office to me….

It’s a place where people will be able to earn more and learn more than anywhere else, as much as they want. They will be challenged by the scope of the opportunities and instant responsibility — so if stepping up and making memories that will last a lifetime is what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place.

Q: Tell us about the idea behind the gift boxes… 

We were trying to substitute the in-person socialization we have always had. So we got the whole team onboard with remote socialization through meal kits, cocktail making and we quickly realized the buzz people got out of it. For example, our Christmas Market Gift Box was put on to substitute the real-life famous Manchester Christmas markets that we have always attended as a team.

Q: What are the challenges in the Manchester office moving forward?

How to deal with hybrid workforce — in essence, how will we ensure it’s not a poor cousin model and that people who choose to stay at home will not miss out. We will need to continue to invest in events and socialisations that serve all our remote and in-office employees.

Q: Finally… if you could summarize working in the Manchester office in 3 words what would they be?

Challenging, good times, and supportive.

(Well, that’s technically four words Dan but we’ll let you off on that one!)

What our employees say

“Every day in the office feels like being part of a growing family and I get the privilege to work with amazing professionals from all over the world. There are endless opportunities to grow and a friendly environment where you can develop both personally and professionally”

– Todor Petrov, Account Executive 

“Our culture enables people to create their own career opportunities at the same time as providing the world with a platform that can change people’s working lives and ensure everyone can have their best working day”

– Milly Wallace, Senior Account Executive 

“At SafetyCulture, you get a true understanding of where you fit in the big picture: and how the work you do everyday makes a difference to those using our technologies. The company is open and transparent about where we’re going and why. We celebrate success but more uniquely, we openly talk about and learn from failures. It’s a place where you’re encouraged to try things, even if they don’t work – and to continually feedback not only to your peers, but upwards to management. Best of all, they really listen. No matter what role you’re in, you have the power to drive real change.”

– Becki Hall, Senior Marketing Manager

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