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December 30th, 2015

Our Most Popular Posts of 2015

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The end of the year has come and gone quickly as have many blog posts about iAuditor, inspections and safety in the workplace. We’re working harder than ever to bring you relevant content that helps you stay safe, and shows you the best methods of inspections and industry related standards. In 2016, you’ll get more tips and tricks about how to use iAuditor better. We’ll also show you how other companies are using iAuditor and SafetyCulture to save money, save time and ultimately save lives.

Before 2015 officially ends, we’re taking a trip down memory lane and sharing the 5 most popular posts of this year (according to which had the most traffic and visits from readers).

1. What Our API Means For Your Visibility

It’s no doubt the release of our API was the most exciting feature announcement of the year. We’ve officially opened access to the power behind iAuditor and the SafetyCulture platform, so you can reap the benefits too. There are so many ways you can use the data you extract from SafetyCulture. Build your own dashboards, automate your tasks or stream live data or images. In 2016, you’ll see how our users have used our API to improve their work standards.

SafetyCulture API

2. iPad Pro Road Test

Our CEO, Luke got his hands on one of the first new iPad’s released. Larger screen real estate is changing the way we work outside. Luke conducted some audits on a building site to really put it to the test. Watch the video here.

Luke Holding Up iPad 5_SMALL

3. Designing SafetyCulture

We took you behind the scenes of what it’s like to create a product like iAuditor. SafetyCulture conducts hours of research on our user’s to determine what goes into our product roadmap. In 2016 you can look forward to the localisation of the platform, integrations and better syncing.


4. 22 Million U.S. Workers Exposed to Hazardous Noise Levels

Hearing loss has become one of the most common work-related illnesses in the United States. For such a preventable illness, it’s time workers take more care with their hearing. We have a number of iAuditor safety checklists to prevent hearing loss on your job sites.

hearing loss photo

5. Be Cautious of Normalisation

We all thought workplace accidents happen at the beginning of projects, when workers are less aware of the risks. Neil Swidey, the author of Trapped Under the Sea tells us otherwise: “The more people do something without suffering a bad outcome, the harder it becomes for them to remain aware of the risks associated with that behaviour.” We also shared our best tips to stay vigilant throughout the entire project.

Cautious of Normalisation

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By Tania Clarke, Communications Coordinator at SafetyCulture

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