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QBE & SafetyCulture form strategic partnership to deliver next evolution in risk management

SafetyCulture News | By | 8 May 2019 | 2 minute read

Following a highly successful 12-month pilot, QBE Insurance Group and mobile-first technology company SafetyCulture, have formalised a strategic partnership to deliver robust, evolutionary risk management programs to clients.

This will see SafetyCulture’s mobile inspections app, iAuditor, being introduced to QBE customers to help improve their visibility over safety performance and help direct efforts to mitigate risk.

iAuditor empowers workers to be an extra set of safety conscious eyes in the field and enables them to report non-compliances with instant follow up, increasing visibility of potential risks for businesses of all sizes. By delivering robust risk management cultures, the strategic partnership aims to reduce incidents, contribute to better productivity and enable operational cost savings.

During the pilot, a number of clients across construction, retail, and manufacturing industries used iAuditor to complete thousands of inspections. G1 Group, Scotland’s largest hospitality group, is one QBE customer using iAuditor to manage safety and quality across their venues. G1 Group’s Risk and Compliance Manager, Christopher Helton said:

“The tangible benefit is the visibility it gives us. We can see the real issues in the business. It also helps us to show the insurer that we are in control of risks”

SafetyCulture has digitised and streamlined many aspects of the risk management process through mobile technology. The company’s solution, iAuditor, allows companies to inspect, action and observe potential risks throughout their clients’ organisations in a fraction of the time it would traditionally have taken. With simple to use tools and easy to follow practices, iAuditor is effectively driving good safety practices across many of the world’s largest companies.

“Understanding that safety and maintenance programmes are properly managed is a key issue for QBE when we are evaluating the quality of risks. iAuditor enables QBE customers to manage all aspects of these programmes and the data gathered, the issues identified and actions taken provide invaluable insight to risk engineers and underwriters. It demonstrates a positive and proactive approach which is something we consider very important.”

Chris Gill, Divisional Head of Risk Solutions – QBE

“QBE and SafetyCulture are leading the way together in driving a culture of safety and risk management into businesses of all sizes. Together we are improving visibility of safety trends and in formalising the partnership, we intend to embed a positive risk culture into UK businesses.” Luke Anear, CEO – SafetyCulture

“We are very excited to be working with QBE in this partnership. QBE and SafetyCulture are innovating together to help customers develop a positive risk culture across the UK. Everyday we are seeing businesses of all sizes manage more of their processes on mobile devices, and iAuditor allows teams to digitise their routine checks and improve quality across their business.”

The partnership sees SafetyCulture providing QBE customers with dedicated onboarding support, a no-cost trial and 5 free user licenses for a year.

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