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May 6th, 2013

SafetyCloud User Interface Update April 15, 2013

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Overall Enhancements

  • Improved page loading times by preloading some page components
  • Hotkey support added – Press “?” on any page to view the available hotkeys.
  • Assorted fixes to support all UTF-8 characters correctly
  • Assorted UI improvements

Template Editor

  • Moving, deletion and renaming of sections added.
  • Deletion of response sets added, and response set modification improved.
  • Internet Explorer users can now correctly add sections when previously they would experience issues with an unresponsive button.
  • Cancel button in the confirmation dialogue for deleting template items with children now functions as expected.

Template Listings

  • Internet Explorer users can now correctly delete audits and template when previously they would experience issues with an unresponsive button.

Welcome Screen

  • Notification list on the welcome screen now has a set height with internal scrollbar.
  • Notification colours are now less alarming and more pleasant.

Company Invites

  • Improved and simplified process for accepting a company invite
    • a non user clicking on an invite link is now presented with the option to login or register to accept the invite.
    • if they log in with an existing account they go straight to the invite page.
    • if they register a new account with the same email address we sent the invite to their email is automatically confirmed and they get the login screen. Logging in takes them straight to the invite page.
    • if they register a new account with a different email address then they need to validate their email address, but that should take them straight to the invite page.
  • Reset cancelled company invites when they are resent and send notification

Company Groups

  • Delete enabled


  • Usernames are now case-insensitive

Billing Details

  • Fixed a payment processing bug.
  • Notify users if their personal details have not been entered.

Share UI

  • Removed company input items when user is not related to any companies
  • Users with read only access cannot share a document. Added error message/explanation when a read-only user clicks the Share link

PDF Export

  • Added support to deal with image errors.

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