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SafetyCulture joins forces with M-Sport Ford World Rally Team

SafetyCulture News | By | 3 Jun 2021 | 2 minute read

We’re delighted to announce a brand new partnership with M-Sport Ford World Rally Team.

We’re shifting things up a gear and joining forces with M-Sport World Rally Team! As their official workplace operations partner, we’ll be joining them on the road to the World Rally Championship.

CEO and Founder Luke Anear says, “SafetyCulture supports high performing teams across the world to reach their potential. Helping M-Sport, who achieved back-to-back titles in 2017 and 2018, is going to be truly rewarding. We’re excited to partner with them to reach World Champion heights yet again.”

As part of the partnership, which begins on this week’s Rally Italia Sardegna, you’ll spot a very familiar logo appearing on screen. That’s right — the M-Sport Ford World Rally Team’s EcoBoost-powered Ford Fiesta WRCs and Ford Fiesta Rally2 cars will boast SafetyCulture branding along with the race suits of its official drivers.

But this alliance goes far deeper than logos

The logistics involved in competing across the globe are challenging and intense. The M-Sport World Rally Team will use iAuditor at an operational level to ensure their high production and safety standards are not only maintained but enhanced. This includes pre-event equipment checks and service checks. We’ll be an integral part of the build process of all Ford Fiesta Rally2 cars, with inspections and issue capture ensuring these high-performance vehicles are each checked by SafetyCulture.

M-Sport already operates a world-class manufacturing facility in the UK and in Poland, but we hope to play a small but important part in getting the team to perform both safely and at their best.

“M-Sport is really excited to be joining forces with SafetyCulture. Use of the iAuditor app will help us further improve the way we operate our safety procedures, which will ultimately lead to producing even better, safer and more competitive competition vehicles. 

We share a number of important values with SafetyCulture and we are committed to delivering customers with the safest and most reliable products possible. We are looking forward to starting our partnership and utilising the extensive features of iAuditor to its fullest, starting on this week’s Rally Italia Sardegna.”

– Richard Millener, Team Principal

What next?

Tune in to the Rally Italia Sardega this week for the first glimpse of our logo on the team’s rally cars and race suits.

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