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February 16th, 2017

Why SafetyCulture wants a Safer World (and how we’re helping make it happen)

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“It’s all about making sure people are able to go home at the end of every day.”  – Luke Anear

SafetyCulture’s founding mission was to offer innovative, low cost mobile first products that empower users to have a safe and efficient workplaces all over the world. We wanted to help workers not only save time and but save lives. That mission is woven through the decisions we make and motivates our teams every day.

As a result of that mission the Safer World initiative was born. The goal of Safer World is simple, get the tools of SafetyCulture in the hands of organizations on the front lines of safety such as charities, advocacy groups, trainers and regulators, and regulatory bodies with no cost to them.

Why Free?

One of our values at SafetyCulture is “Open. Honest. Always.” adding  “Enough Said. We do the right thing.”  For us the right thing to do is giving Safer World partner organizations the best tools to track and analyze workplace safety, and in turn helping them to create a safer working world.

Why Now?

While the idea had been bouncing around for a while, things really got going during our 24 hour team building competition ShipIt. A team of SafetyCulture employees, driven by a desire to help connect more workers with resources and opportunities as well as those organizations working to create safer working environments, conceived and executed the project that became  the Safer World initiative. Beyond the fun and excitement of Shipit, these employees (and SafetyCulture) are compelled by the reality that many workplace injuries are preventable, and we want to help solve big problems for a lot of people.

Now What?

Do you or someone you know have an organisation that might fit that criteria? Go to for more details and to apply.

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