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August 9th, 2013

The search for speed

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Some of SafetyCloud’s busiest pages are the template and audit search and listing pages in the Auditor section. If you’re sharing or exporting your audits or editing and managing templates with SafetyCloud in the browser, you’re doing it through these pages. They’re central to any business using SafetyCloud to manage their iAuditors. So we’ve got some exciting news for every iAuditor and SafetyCloud manager, these pages have had a redesign and a tune-up and are now faster, easier to use and better than ever.

Faster Loading

The purpose of many of our improvements to the listings and search result pages have been to get you to your audits and templates faster than ever. In fact, the average user listing and search pages will now load 260% faster than previously. Thats exciting right?

Easier to Use

We’ve simplified the interface a little too and managed to fit in as much audit metadata as possible for those of you who need it. We know everybody uses iAuditor and SafetyCloud in different ways, so there is a lot more control over how you sort and search your data. You can even bookmark common searches in your browser, and come back to them later with the latest audits or templates shown!

More Control

We began introducing keyboard shortcuts to SafetyCloud a few releases ago. We’re happy to announce that the new listings are now entirely keyboard-navigable, improving the accessibility of SafetyCloud and the experience for power-auditors. Pressing¬†? on any SafetyCloud page will present the available keyboard shortcuts for the page you’re currently navigating. Theres no need to activate them, they’re always ready to speed up your SafetyCloud experience.

Mobile Compatible

Following up from our recent mobile-support update, the new search and listings are 100% compatible with smartphone and tablet resolutions and also sport full touch-screen support. You can now easily manage your templates and audits from any-sized device.

Many users already have access to the latest update and over the next few days the new features will become available for all SafetyCloud users. As always, we welcome feedback and any inquiries about these or other features.

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