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October 29th, 2021

Made Extraordinary Day 2: Recap and Reflections

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That’s a wrap!

Broadcast live across three continents and multiple time zones, attendees from around the globe joined us either in person or virtually for Made Extraordinary. Together, we dug into how everyday people and teams respond to challenges, apply lessons and continuously level-up.

Here’s a recap to relive the best moments of Made Extraordinary Day 2.

Made Extraordinary Day 2 On-Demand

Login via your unique Made Extraordinary link and head straight to these timestamps below to catch the speaker of your choice! Not registered? Sign up to stream the whole summit here.

Missed out on Day 1? The full recording is now available on-demand – login to view here. Or simply want a recap? Check out the Made Extraordinary Day 1 Recap here.

Leading through Uncertainty – Nadja West

Watch from 00:03:54

Day 2 kicked off with none other than Lieutenant General (ret) Nadja West, the 44th Army Surgeon General. Nadja West shared how extraordinary things can be achieved and cultivated in the face of uncertainty. Speaking from her experience in executive leadership, crisis management, and disaster response — including her instrumental role in the DOD medical response to the Ebola crisis, she spoke about her philosophy on leading with empathy, the importance of preparation and self-belief:

“To minimise doubt and to build confidence when entering an unknown situation – get prepared. Stay alert, pay attention and learn everything you need to complete the task. Part of my success is that I always showed up prepared, physically, and mentally.” – Nadja West

Beam Living – Rei Moya

Watch from 01:38:30

Rei Moya, Chief Operating Officer of Beam Living, shared his personal story of coming from humble beginnings, society’s perspective on fear, and the company’s ethos of Better Today Than Yesterday – being 1% better today than the previous day. 

“It’s about a positive attitude and starting the day fresh — making a conscious effort to make things better.” – Rei Moya

Angela Shahanan – The Wonderful Company

Watch from 02:12:10

What does Fiji Water, Teleflora and Wonderful Pistachios have in common? They all belong to The Wonderful Company, a 5 billion dollar company bringing wonderful products across North America. In this fireside chat, Angela Shahanan shared how micro-learning transformed the workplace:

“We taught a big EQ course on EdApp… it’s one of my favorites. Emotional Intelligence was it. A colleague said he landed his biggest client from it. All he said was ‘training works’.” Angela Shahanan

Playbook for Organizational Change & Empowerment – Gary Bonnett

Watch from 2:34:20

Vice President of Safety for Optimus Steel, Gary Bonnett delivered some powerful words on how to create organizational change within a company:

“My advice is to start slow, start small. Look for small wins to gain momentum. Once you start that snowball, everyone is going to want to ride the sled as far as it goes. I’ve seen it first hand. At first, it starts off as a safety project, then it goes environmental and then it reaches others… it’s contagious.” – Gary Bonnett

For more lessons in extraordinary leadership and teamwork, look no further than our global summit, Made Extraordinary. This is your launchpad to level up. Missed out on Made Extraordinary Summit 2021? That’s no problem! Register to watch the replay here.

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