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October 6th, 2021

5 Free Resources For Team Building

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The most successful companies have a strong teamwork ethic. They have each other’s backs, communicate clearly, and all pull in the right direction to get tasks done efficiently. These things don’t happen overnight — it requires time and significant resources to build or scale a team. 

We’ve pulled together a few of our favorite FREE resources to help you take your team to even greater heights.

#1 Free Courses To Build A Team Player Mentality 

Understanding your team’s perspective and managing conflicts and behavior are all part of being a good team player. This free EdApp course takes you step-by-step through the elements of being successful in a team, delivered via beautiful, mobile-first micro lessons that your team will love.

You’ll learn things like the importance of being honest when voicing concerns, yet how to remain constructive when giving feedback to your colleagues. Learn how to create a proactive plan on building a safety culture in the workplace, so that each team member can understand best practices to do the right thing.

What’s more, the slides are completely editable. Update the text, add your own slides or re-brand the entire course — with our no-code authoring tool, the sky’s the limit!

#2 Checklists To Help Your Team Collaborate

Teamwork is nothing without good communication, and if you’re in a dispersed team, knowing who’s doing what by when is critical for getting things done. Our free checklists can help you stay on track.

Checklists are great resources for team building because they not only help you manage tasks effectively but also allow your team to easily divide up the work and make sure every single item is checked off quickly.

From incident reports to cleaning rotas — everything is super speedy when your team uses digital checklists. 

Can you believe our public library has over 88,000 free checklists?

#3 Help Everyone Feel Safe With Messaging

We’re all in it together, especially since the advent of COVID-19. To help your teams feel safe, use these safety quotes and free posters designed to help you build a culture of safety and share between team members.

Safety quotes can motivate teams to pull in the same direction as one, especially if they’re displayed somewhere for all to see.

Take this gem for example: “Never stop investing … never stop learning” – Captain Sully, at SafetyCulture Virtual Summit. Check out Made Extraordinary Summit 2021 here!

For those gentle nudges to your teams to be safe, check out our range of posters we created with Canva — they’re absolutely free.

#4 Make Time For Fun

Fun at work is high on the agenda! Iit has proven to be a key aspect that helps build teams effectively, keeps employees happy and satisfied. It can also bring long-term benefits to the company.

It’s not just about working hard — better relationships are built when teams can spend time socialising at work, too. 

Our free Work Hard Play Hard EdApp course helps you to inject an element of fun into the workplace, and build a team that truly enjoys where they work.

This can help businesses build morale, especially if they have team members who are shy or have only just joined the company.

In the free course, you’ll learn about the benefits of having play and games in your workplace and strategies on how you can leverage them to develop teamwork for your office-based and remote teams, as well as being able to foster diversity and inclusion.

#5 Track Issues Together Like a Boss

When we collaborate, it makes things faster. 

By working together to take on corrective actions and solve problems, it has a huge impact on productivity. Our research has shown that teams who use our FREE iAuditor app in this way have decreased their inspection time, freeing up team members to get back to work and concentrate on other aspects of operations. 

SafetyCulture customer, Siemens Health, gained immediate savings of 30 minutes per maintenance inspection by using iAuditor instead of paper forms. This has saved $170,000 in ten months by reducing time and paper wastage.

How to do it effectively and track issues together like a boss? Get our document workflow, available for free in iAuditor. (Your team will thank you for being so ridiculously efficient).

BONUS: FREE Team Building Summit

Extraordinary teams don’t just happen: they’re made. Fostering an environment of trust and camaraderie, growing in awareness and intel, finding a balance between process and creativity — these things don’t happen overnight, but they are vital to navigating this new world of work. Arm yourself with unique perspectives and practical insights at the SafetyCulture Summit 2021: Made Extraordinary, a global event designed for teams in operations, safety, risk, and quality. 

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