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Festive Checklists To Help You Celebrate Safely This Holiday Season

Checklist Best Practices | By | 16 Dec 2020 | 3 minute read

Happy holidays from all of us at SafetyCulture! 

No doubt it will be a different December for most of us. We’ve been separated for most of the year, but this month brings festive tidings all the same.

You may be a manager organizing a socially distanced initiative to thank your employees for their hard work. Or perhaps you’re a frontline worker, in the public sector, or volunteering your time over the holidays.

Learn how you can safely share in the holiday cheer with our ‘C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S’ guide, full of tips and must-have checklists for navigating COVID-19 risk. Bring plenty of festive spirit — and hand sanitizer.

Conduct regular health screenings

There’s ‘snow better’ way to know if you’re staying healthy and safe. Even though your building may have been COVID-19 free for a while, don’t forget to continue your temperature checks at the door. By keeping records of regular health screenings, you can monitor any fluctuation in temperature and quickly respond should someone feel unwell.

Have social distancing templates

Make social distancing templates festive by adding a bit of tinsel around the edges! Keeping 2 metres apart can be tricky, especially in retail spaces where the festive crowds rush in to buy last-minute gifts.

Place signs strategically at the ends of aisles, and use floor signs tomark a one-way system around the building. You could even create festive floor markers – like Santa’s reindeer leaving a trail of footprints to lead the way.

Review risk ratings

If your Christmas wish is to stay safe, then yule need to make sure your business is compliant over the festivities. 

Do you regularly assess your current risk levels? You can give your office or building a COVID-19 risk assessment and give yourself a score, making sure your team members understand the implications of non compliance.

Inspect safety equipment regularly

Keep your team members merry and bright by making sure their PPE is up to date and safe. Broken face visors or masks in need of replacing? Utilise a safety equipment inspection checklist and replace any items well ahead of time, as there might be seasonal delays in shipping.

Set up a crisis management plan

Sleigh COVID challenges in their tracks by setting up a crisis management plan. When your little helpers are distributed remotely, it can be difficult to ensure operational efficiency.

A seasonal crisis management plan takes into account national closures, official bank holidays and reduced staffing capabilities.

Tis’ the season for hand hygiene audits

Tis’ the season to be sanitized! With these helpful hand hygiene audit checklists, those interactions with the public will carry much less risk.

This one is especially useful if you’re a frontline or healthcare worker, like our partners St Johns Ambulance.

Make sure you have cleaning checklists

Deck the halls with cleaning checklists, fa la la la la, la la la la! 

The safest way to a COVID-free Christmas is to utilise digital checklists that can be used on the go, via a mobile app like iAuditor.

This COVID-19 cleaning checklist gets specific on exactly the protocols to use when cleaning surfaces; for example, using 70% alcohol or above for sanitization.

Assign actions to team members

For happy holidays, it’s important everyone pulls together. Being able to mingle doesn’t mean compliance standards should slip – it means every person in your organisation becomes a pillar of safety. 

Add photos to issues that need fixing before they become a health risk, and assign a team member to act like Santa’s helper and get them actioned, pronto.

Stay safe, stay one step ahead 

Add a bit of sparkle to the season by raising visibility across all levels of your business — your staff, your team members and your customers. 

What does that look like? Communicate often on reopens and closures of your facility. Keep customers and employees feeling safe, joyful, and bright by showing them you’re one step ahead.

That’s all of our top festive checklists – but you can find more here. Happy holidays to all of our Safety Culture customers – we wish you a safe and healthy holiday season!

Our Holiday Gift To Frontline Workers:

If you’re a frontline worker, we’re giving you iAuditor completely FREE for six months, helping you to manage risk and keep your teams safe. It’s our Christmas gift to you to say thank you for all the hard work you do. We really do value the incredible work you’ve done for us all this year.

iAuditor is helping thousands of businesses navigate the pandemic. Check out some of our customer stories and see how they’re optimising their businesses with our COVID-19 response hub.

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