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Editor's Pick: ISO 9001:2008 Checklist

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International standards make things work. They provide world-class specifications for products, systems and services. ISO is the International Organisation for Standardisation and for some industries, such certifications are required by law.

The international body creates standards to ensure quality, safety and efficiency.

ISO has more than 19,500 international standards that cover almost every industry. They impact everyone from technology companies, to food safety, to agriculture and healthcare.

More than one million organisations worldwide have adopted the principles and the required certifications for ISO 9001, Quality Management Systems.

iAuditor is used heavily to create ISO certified checklists for certification and quality assurance purposes.

The benefits of going from paper to digital are endless. Using iAuditor gives companies increased visibility, instant access to data and reduces their environmental footprint.

An average ISO checklist consists of over 500 items. One checklist could equal hundreds of pieces of paper printed daily.

Today, we’re highlighting the best ISO 9001 checklist we found within the iAuditor Public Library.

An avid iAuditor user, Christopher Cole, Safety Manager at WC Spratt INC, operates iAuditor daily to ensure his team is performing at the highest standards.

“I have been an early subscriber to iAuditor and have been through its iterations, it’s why it remains seated firmly at number one as the go-to suite for safety and quality professionals.”

Christopher recently implemented a new safety program at work, replacing the company clipboards with a fleet of tablets.

“iAuditor allowed us to go paperless and save a few trees without storing mountains of paper.”

“Our safety metrics improved, as well as finding niches for our service department.”

“I could not do the job I do without this powerful suite [iAuditor].”

Download the ISO 9001:2008 Template

or download iAuditor for iOS or Android

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