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August 21st, 2018

Know What’s Going on Every Day with the NEW Sites Feature

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As the manager or operator of multiple teams that span dozens, maybe even hundreds, of different physical locations, one of the most vital facets of your job is to understand, analyse, and compare the performances of each of those locations.

Customers in every industry, from construction to retail, and hotels to food service, told us they need a solid understanding of which sites are performing their best, and which sites could use improvements.

SafetyCulture has implemented a new sites feature in iAuditor that makes managing your teams, analysing data, and simplifying your reports easier than ever before.

Sites offers you robust analysis which can help you analyse the needs of each site, and discover what it is which makes each site perform their best.

In just a few clicks, you’ll have a ready-made report which tells you how your sites are performing, what audits are being conducted, and where the failures are.

Using sites, you can understand where to focus your attention on each of the sites you manage.

Ready-made reports with your site’s data

It’s Monday and you’re sitting down for your morning coffee, waiting confidently for your supervisor and management teams to begin hitting you with questions and concerns about how each job site, store or location is performing.

Instead of spending, hours, days, even weeks, gathering and analyzing data for individual site performances, with iAuditor, you can access your site-specific reports in minutes, understand your individual site’s needs better than ever, and provide your managerial and site teams with the visibility they need to maintain perfection.

The new Insights reporting area makes reporting easy.


Share real-time data easily

The new Insights area in the web platform enables you to easily share iAuditor reports with your colleagues and executive team. You can even share a public link to a report. The graph updates in real-time to show the latest information, so you always know what’s happening. Why not set the graph up on a television in your office for a rolling dashboard keeping the team informed and inspired.

The new insights reporting area simplifies reporting. For more complex data queries, find them in the now renamed Explore.



Data on the go

In addition to the real-time dashboard, a weekly email outlines site performance. Leave on Friday feeling up to speed, and and come Monday and instantly know where to focus your attention. Imagine more accurate insights with less set-up than ever, packed with predictions and recommendations to improve your sites in a snap.

The new insights reporting area simplifies reporting. For more complex data queries, find them in the now renamed Explore.


Access the analytics you know and love

The analytics area of our product that you know and love remains the same, and is now known as ‘Explore’. Filter and toggle away using Explore to delve even further into your data, or export it to an external system like Tableau or PowerBI.

The new insights reporting area simplifies reporting. For more complex data queries, find them in the now renamed Explore.

Machine learning makes site reporting more accurate

How many times have your workers made a typo in the location field with iAuditor? Data inconsistency leaves big blanks in site performance reports. Using machine learning, iAuditor provides location suggestions when you’re starting an inspection. Over time it will learn where you frequently inspect and provide more accurate suggestions.

Sites will be suggested for you as you're inspecting

No more endlessly scrolling through your stores or job sites. If you’re inspecting in remote locations, it provides the last five suggestions to you. It will accurately record the site information even when offline.

Accuracy and precision are essential for business. You need precise data, and for precise data, you need a system that can shoulder the heavy data work.

Find out how Sites works for you if you’re in retail or the restaurant business.

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